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Schwarzenegger ponders run for EU president

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who effortlessly transitioned  from Hollywood film stardom to California governor, could have his sights set on a new job as next head of the European Union.[YahooNews] The Austrian-born former body builder, 63, at loose ends as he tries... (Continue reading)

Governor Brown calls for better deal for prison guards

California Gov. Jerry Brown negotiated a contract with the politically powerful prison guards’ union that lets guards bank an unlimited amount of vacation time they get paid for when they retire at a substantial cost to taxpayers, a legislative analyst... (Continue reading)

Gibson and Marx lose bid for Coastal Commission

Brian Brennan, a Ventura city councilman and a member of the Surfrider Foundation, was appointed to the California Coastal Commission over San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx and County Supervisor Bruce Gibson. A coalition of 10 statewide environmental and coastal... (Continue reading)

Democrats want gays in California textbooks

Democrats in Sacramento intend to introduce legislation requiring California public schools to teach about the contributions of gay, lesbian, and transgender Americans. [LA Times] A similar bill was passed five years ago, only to be vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.... (Continue reading)

New candidates for Coastal Commission

San Luis Obispo mayor Jan Marx and Arroyo Grande City Council member Joe Costello are likely to have their names added to those already recommended for appointment to the California Coastal Commission when the Board of Supervisors meets today. The names... (Continue reading)

Jan Marx wants seat on Coastal Commission

Jan Marx, who just took office as mayor of San Luis Obispo, following a narrow election victory in November, has decided to seek a seat on the California Coastal Commission. [Tribune] The mayor’s surprise announcement on Tuesday puts her in... (Continue reading)

Governor Brown calls for new nominees to the Coastal Commission

Governor Jerry Brown has called for nominees from this area to the California Coastal Commission in the wake of reports that the appointment of Mary Ann Reiss, a Republican protege of Assembly member K.H. "Katcho" Achadjian, was tainted by complaints... (Continue reading)

Arnold: Being governor cost me $200 million

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told an Austrian newspaper reporter that serving seven years in Sacramento cost him at least $200 million. [Reuters] “But I’m not sorry. It was more than worth it,” Schwarzenegger went on to say. The Hollywood... (Continue reading)

Worst. governor. ever.

The media post-mortem on the legacy of soon-to-be-former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been unfolding all week and it has not been pretty.  The verdict seems to be that the Hollywood actor who rode into office on a wave of hollow... (Continue reading)

Schwarzenegger reduces marijuana penalties

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation this week to reduce the penalty for minor marijuana possession in California. [Salem-News] Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 1449, which changes the crime of possession of less than an ounce of marijuana from a misdemeanor punishable only... (Continue reading)