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Governor prepared to pay minimum wage to state workers

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is threatening to pay minimum wage to state workers during July if lawmakers fail to agree on a new budget. [Los Angeles Times] The threat came in the form of a memo from Debbie Endsley, the governor’s... (Continue reading)

Vote to protect our coastline on June 22

By MARILYN ARMSTRONG Governor Schwarzenegger last month called for a special election to fill the California State Senate seat vacated by Republican Abel Maldonado. Schwarzenegger set a date of June 22, now just 10 days away. Efforts by Democrats to... (Continue reading)

Schwarzenegger fails to deliver on central promise

During the insanity that became California’s recall campaign of 2003, candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger promised that he would bring spending in line with tax revenues and enact long-term budget reform. Now, serving out his final year in office, Schwarzenegger faces an... (Continue reading)

Poor to suffer most under governor’s proposed budget

Gov. Schwarzenegger outlined his new budget on Friday, a proposal that would eliminate the state’s welfare-to-work program and most child care for the poor. [Los Angeles Times] The governor’s $83.4 billion plan would also freeze funding for local schools, further... (Continue reading)

Governor to announce tough budget cuts today

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is unexpected Friday afternoon to unveil his latest proposals for closing the multi-billion dollar budget gaps–the emphasis is expected to be on deep budget cuts and elimination of key programs. [Los Angeles Times] Administration spokesperson Aaron McLear... (Continue reading)

Schwarzenegger changes his mind on offshore drilling

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger backed away from comments his staff made over the weekend and reversed his position on offshore oil drilling. Citing the extreme environmental damage being caused in the Gulf Coast by the British Petroleum spill, Schwarzenegger announced Monday... (Continue reading)

Schwarzenegger still wants to drill off Santa Barbara

Despite the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill that threatens coastline from Louisiana to Florida, considered by experts to be the worst U.S. ecological disaster in decades, members of Gov. Schwarzenegger’s administration continued to call for new drilling off Santa Barbara.... (Continue reading)

Schwarzenegger due in SLO on Monday

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to pay a visit to San Luis Obispo Monday morning. The governor is coming to town to promote his new jobs initiative and the proposed sales tax exemption for so-called “green manufacturing.” Schwarzenegger is scheduled... (Continue reading)

Schwarzenegger: Build prisons in Mexico

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is floating a new idea to deal with overcrowded California prisons. The governor wants to build private facilities in Mexico to hold the estimated 20,000 undocumented immigrants currently in state prisons. [Ventura County Star] Under Schwarzenegger’s plan,... (Continue reading)

Poll: Schwarzenegger leaves state in worse shape

A new Field Poll finds that the majority of Californians believe the state is worse off now than when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took office in 2003. [Los Angeles Times] The survey reports that 59 percent of Californians believe the state... (Continue reading)