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Conservatives’ faith in local government is misplaced

OPINION By PETER SCHEER The closer government is to the people, the more government is controlled by special interests. In America today, conservatism’s one clear fault line, cutting across cultural and socioeconomic schisms, aligns conservatives based on their views about... (Continue reading)

Adam Hill tied to phony mailer

Members of the San Luis Obispo County Republican Party contend Adam Hill’s campaign is trying to influence the vote by sending out phony mailers in an attempt to give the false impression Hill has the Republican Party endorsement. An advertising... (Continue reading)

An open letter to Paso Robles residents

OPINION By JOHN REYNOLDS My name is John Reynolds.  I am a resident of Paso Robles, a voter, and a taxpayer. Contrary to some comments on CalCoastNews, I am not a lawyer; but I believe I do have a good... (Continue reading)

Democrats striving for legislative supermajority

Not since the 70s have Democrats held a supermajority in a chamber of the state legislature. But that could change as the result of the upcoming primary and November election. [SanFranciscoChronicle] The Democratic Party needs only two seats in both... (Continue reading)

Find out the truth; ask questions of your elected officials

OPINION By GARY NEMETH Some council leadership in this election is counting on your apathy to keep them on the Paso Robles Council.  When you don’t vote, the minority who does vote — wins. The silent majority needs to stand... (Continue reading)

Hill supporters accused of manipulating poll

In an apparent attempt to keep Adam Hill seated as 3rd District San Luis Obispo County Supervisor, several supporters allegedly used unethical methods to vote multiple times in a New Times poll. [NewTimes] The weekly poll question asked, “Which of... (Continue reading)

Sierra Club walks from Patterson

County Supervisor Jim Patterson, erstwhile darling of local environmentalists, won’t be getting the support of the Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club in his upcoming battle for reelection to his Fifth District seat. [The Tribune] Patterson told a reporter... (Continue reading)

Importance of a 3 person voting majority

OPINION By GARY NEMETH There is a danger in believing a rumor without asking where the rumor started, who started it, what they had to gain. Sometimes it’s started to stir the pot or to change the discussion from what... (Continue reading)

Teacher files to run for SLO City Council

Pacific Beach High School teacher Jeff Aranguena filed papers in his bid for a seat on the San Luis Obispo City Council earlier this month. Aranguena, 29, and current council members Dan Carpenter and John Ashbaugh are each vying for... (Continue reading)

Adam Hill is not sorry, and blames the media

Controversial San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill moans about media coverage of his personal life and public outbursts during board meetings in Thursday’s New Times’ cover story. Hill starts his interview  by lamenting the negative coverage he has received... (Continue reading)