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Democracy in Atascadero should amount to more

OPINION By MIKE BRENNLER While studying my absentee ballot, I was reminded of the joke suggesting that democracy should amount to more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. This is particularly true as... (Continue reading)

Baldwin for Cuesta College

OPINION By MARILYNE CLEEVES The Cuesta College Board has consistently approved construction for more campus facilities and buy-out contracts from unsatisfactory administrators. In order to pay the loans for these approvals, the administration is proposing cuts to programs, employee compensation,... (Continue reading)

Capps failed to disclose more income

Congresswoman Lois Capps faces new charges from Republican challenger Abel Maldonado over failure to report personal income [Noozhawk]. Legislative Resource Center records show that Capps did not disclose two pensions as income, totaling more than $500,000 for her first eight... (Continue reading)

What is a GMO?

By GARY FORESMAN, MD The GMO controversy can only be understood from a systems approach, and a few definitions are needed so we can all understand what we are talking about. Genomics is simply the study of all chromosomal contents... (Continue reading)

Lawsuit targets CSU Prop. 30 campaign

Is there a concerted but perhaps illegal effort afoot to urge California university students to vote for Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative, Proposition 30, using tax dollars? (Sacramento Bee) Howard Jarvis’ Taxpayers Association thinks so. The Sacramento-based group announced today... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles candidates perform at political forum

Six candidates for Paso Robles City Council participated in a lively forum Wednesday evening in the Grand Ballroom of the Paso Robles Inn. Change Paso Robles Now (CPRN2012) hosted the forum and former congresswoman Andrea Seastrand moderated, which included candidates... (Continue reading)

SLO council candidates partake in candlelight vigil for the homeless

As the San Luis Obispo City Council held its final meeting before the Nov. 6 election day, a candlelight vigil for the city’s homeless population took place outside. A group of San Luis Obispo citizens who oppose the city’s ongoing... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles Police officers’ fight for public safety

STATEMENT By THE PASO ROBLES POLICE OFFICER ASSOCIATION The purpose of this media release is to express The Paso Robles Police Officers’ Association’s (PRPOA) disagreement with the action the city has recently taken involving the rehiring of a retired Sergeant... (Continue reading)

Candidates and campaigns congregating at Cuesta

A barrage of political candidates and campaigns will appear at Cuesta College this week. Associated Students of Cuesta College will hold two election forums: one today at the San Luis Obispo campus and another Thursday at the Paso Robles campus.... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach Democrats blast party leader over flyer

By KAREN VELIE Two Democratic candidates for the Grover Beach City Council are accusing San Luis Obispo Democratic Central Committee leaders of making false statements in a flyer that aims to persuade voters to reject Measure I-12. Ballot measure I-12... (Continue reading)