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Gesell lawyers up for employment dispute with SLO

San Luis Obispo Police Chief Steve Gesell, who is currently on paid administrative leave, has retained a Pismo Beach lawyer who is arguing the city has no good cause to terminate Gesell’s contract. On Friday, City Manager Katie Lichtig placed... (Continue reading)

Caltrans tells SLO to rethink building homes near airport

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has warned the city of San Luis Obispo that it should reconsider its plan to allow the construction of high-density housing near the regional airport. In December, the city council voted 4-1, with Councilman... (Continue reading)

Ashbaugh votes in disregard of state ruling

By KAREN VELIE CORRECTION: John Ashbaugh does not own property in the airport area. He  does own property in a focus area of the land use update and because of that the FPPC had ruled that he could not vote... (Continue reading)

Is SLO’s vehicle sleeping ban unconstitutional?

By KAREN VELIE Amid a federal appellate court ruling Thursday that struck down a Los Angeles law that prohibits homeless from sleeping in their vehicles, San Luis Obispo homeless advocates are waiting to see how city officials will respond. A... (Continue reading)

SLO Council votes for pay increases

By JOSH FRIEDMAN The San Luis Obispo City Council awarded itself a pay raise Tuesday evening, and a couple hours later, also gave its top attorney a bump in pay. The council twice voted 3-2, with council members Dan Carpenter... (Continue reading)

SLO city attorney slated for third straight raise

Correction: The proposed raise would be Dietrick’s third raise in three years, not her third raise in four years. San Luis Obispo City Attorney Christine Dietrick is due for another pay raise. A year after receiving a 4.5 percent salary... (Continue reading)

Raises pending for SLO council, manager and attorney

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Each member of the San Luis Obispo City Council, as well as the city manager and city attorney could receive pay raises in the coming weeks. This week the council is holding closed session meetings in which... (Continue reading)

SLO council unanimously approves raise for city attorney

The San Luis Obispo City Council unanimously approved a 4.5 percent salary increase for City Attorney Christine Dietrick on Tuesday. Prior to the council approving the pay raise, three members of the public criticized the proposed increase, two of whom... (Continue reading)

SLO council considering another raise for city attorney

The San Luis Obispo City Council will decide Tuesday whether to grant City Attorney Christine Dietrick a 4.5 percent raise in pay based on performance while line level employees salaries are either frozen or facing cuts. On March 27, the... (Continue reading)