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Fake San Luis Obispo audiologist sentenced to jail

An Atascadero man who falsely claimed to be an audiologist was sentenced Monday to one year in jail. Even though he never attended college, Aaron Marquis, 46, passed himself off as a doctor. He saw patients and dispensed hearing aids... (Continue reading)

California health exchange concealing insurance ratings

California’s newly created health insurance exchange is withholding quality ratings of health plans, irking companies offering highly rated plans. [LA Times] Covered California, the state exchange created under the Affordable Care Act, offers customers a variety of plans provided by... (Continue reading)

California overstated health insurance exchange Web traffic

California’s newly created health insurance exchange vastly overstated the traffic its website received Tuesday during the rollout of Obamacare. [LA Times] Covered California’s website,, received 645,000 hits Tuesday, far fewer than the 5 million it initially reported, state officials... (Continue reading)

Welcome in Obama Care

OPINION By STEW JENKINS For fear mongers who have tried selling doubt, facts already show that the Affordable Care Act is bringing down health insurance costs making coverage available to everyone. Passed by Congress and upheld by the United States... (Continue reading)

Mom and Medi-Cal

By GORDON MULLIN (Editor’s note: This is the first edition of a column by San Luis Obispo financial planner Gordon Mullin called A Penny Saved) $95,136.88 That’s the sum that my deceased mother’s estate owed to California’s Medi-Cal program. That’s the amount... (Continue reading)

CalPERS purging illegitimate claimants

Tens of thousands of people are receiving benefits improperly from CalPERS, the nation’s second-largest health insurance provider, officials of which have announced a series of detailed audits to stem the problem. (Sacramento Bee) The insurer believes that at least 22,000... (Continue reading)

State’s Obamacare preparation lauded

California will be one of the first states to meet its federally-mandated health-care renovation requirements, the State Auditor’s office has reported in a new study. The insurance exchange was one of the earliest in the nation to be be formed,... (Continue reading)

Obamacare gaining state foothold

California officials responsible for implementation of the Affordable Care Act are in Sacramento to discuss the state’s entry into the program. One state lawmaker, Assemblyman Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, was spotlighting a new Health Access California report analyzing how this state... (Continue reading)

State officials ready Obamacare

California’s newly-formed “health exchange” has been approved by the Obama administration and becomes the 19th such program nationally to gain endorsement from the federal government. (Sacramento Bee) “Covered California” will provide subsidized coverage for hundreds of thousands of state residents... (Continue reading)

Junk health insurance lawsuit

OPINION By THOMAS D. ELIAS Dr. Norman Carter and his wife Kathleen are not alone, and a lawsuit they are fighting now in San Bernardino County Superior Court might help hundreds of other Californians who also believe they’ve been scammed... (Continue reading)