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Ventura Homeland Security agent accused of taking bribes

A Ventura man and agent with the Department of Homeland Security surrendered to federal authorities after a grand jury on Wednesday indicted him and four others who allegedly participated in a long-running immigration fraud scheme that was fueled by official... (Continue reading)

Investigators estimate Vandenberg pot at $2.8 million

Department of Homeland Security investigators have estimated the value of the marijuana that operators of a panga boat left on a Vandenberg Air Force Base beach last week at nearly $2.8 million. [Santa Maria Times] Vandenberg personnel discovered an overturned... (Continue reading)

$1 million in pot discovered at Vandenberg Air Force Base

The United States Air Force received a million dollar donation Thursday in marijuana. [Lompoc Record] Vandenberg Air Force Base personnel discovered an overturned panga boat and at least $1 million of marijuana around 1 p.m. Thursday just north of Wall... (Continue reading)

Obama eases immigrants’ residency rule

Illegal immigrants with immediate relatives who are U.S. citizens can be fast-tracked to permanent residency under a rule issued Wednesday by the Obama Administration. (Los Angeles Times) The executive action by the Department of Homeland Security will affect about 10... (Continue reading)

Full-body scanners to stay at SLO airport despite possible risks

Despite growing privacy and safety concerns over airport body scanners, the Transportation Security Administration has no plans to replace the existing devices at San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport. The TSA awarded two contracts last week as part of a... (Continue reading)

Wanted: Justice Department memo analyzing strikes against suspected terrorists

In the world of secret information about powerful people, there are two sets of documents in especially high demand right now. First are Mitt Romney’s undisclosed tax returns. You already know about those. The other is a classified legal memorandum,... (Continue reading)

TSA agent arrested for stealing from passengers

Police arrested a TSA agent accused of stealing electronic devices from passengers and stuffing them down his pants before putting them up for sale online. [Broward/Palm Beach New Times] The Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Florida said 30-year-old Nelson Santiago... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo County drug traffickers arrested

Four members of a San Luis Obispo County drug trafficking ring were arrested and approximately eight pounds of methamphetamine was seized on Wednesday as part of a multi-agency investigation. Following a tip that Julio Gutierrez, 36, of Los Osos was... (Continue reading)

Feds pouring money into California Homeland Security

Amid the slashing of state and school budgets, the federal government is pouring Homeland Security dollars into California at record rates. [SFGate] In 2010, California received $268 million worth of security spending, about 16 percent of the nearly $1.7 billion... (Continue reading)

The complexities of the budget

OPINION By Congresswoman Lois Capps - We have a big problem with our federal budget deficit. If not properly addressed, it threatens our long term economic future and could stunt our children’s future opportunities. We simply must address... (Continue reading)