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Initiative could allow one million illegal immigrants to avoid deportation

A California ballot initiative proposed for next fall would allow nearly one million undocumented immigrants to live and work openly with little or no fear of deportation. The California Opportunity and Prosperity Act would allow qualifying illegal immigrants to get... (Continue reading)

Undocumented students to get public money

A controversial state measure to provide publicly-funded financial aid to undocumented immigrant college students has ignited a widespread political firefight, and Gov. Jerry Brown has indicated he is likely to sign the bill into law. [Reuters] The Assembly passed AB... (Continue reading)

Immigration status could block children from public healthcare

As many as 220,000 uninsured children in California will be excluded from health care reform programs because of their or their parents’ immigration status, according to an analysis released Thursday. [CaliforniaWatch] When fully implemented in 2014, the Patient Protection and... (Continue reading)

Poll: Golden State not so golden

The Golden State has apparently lost its luster. California residents ranked their quality of life at its lowest mark in 20 years because of the continuing economic downturn. [San Francisco Chronicle] The poll by UC Berkeley and Field, conducted in... (Continue reading)

California GOP does not support Arizona immigration law

The California Republican party stood by gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman and decided not to endorse Arizona’s controversial immigration law during their semiannual convention this weekend. [WashingtonIndependent] Conservative activists in the state have been pushing for party support of SB 1070... (Continue reading)

Video Pick: Coyote

By DAVID CONGALTON Steve is 31, already retired, and bored with life. He made his money quick and easy as a successful Tucson entrepreneur. Now he plays golf, lectures other young wannabe Donald Trumps and acts bemused as his beautiful... (Continue reading)

Illegal immigration drops in California

The number of illegal immigrants currently living in California has dropped by 200,000, according to a new report issued by the Department of Homeland Security. [Los Angeles Times]. The decline reflects a national trend, showing a drop in illegal immigrants... (Continue reading)

UCLA study: Legalizing undocumented immigrants helps the economy

A new study out of UCLA suggests that comprehensive immigration reform would add an estimated $1.5 trillion to the U.S. gross domestic product over the next ten years. [Los Angeles Times] The report, authored by UCLA associate professor Raul Hinojosa–Ojeda,... (Continue reading)