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Union attempts to strong arm Meathead Movers

Since a local general contractor refused to hire a union company to install drywall at the future San Luis Obispo home of Meathead Movers, the tactics and aggressive antics of the rejected bidder’s union have reached a level that caused... (Continue reading)

County sex scandal reveals misdeeds

By KAREN VELIE In addition to detailing the improper relationship Gail Wilcox engaged in with a sheriff union negotiator, the recently released investigative report commissioned by the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors unveils how government leaders conspired to hide... (Continue reading)

Wilcox’s Mr. X unveiled

By KAREN VELIE The much-anticipated County investigative report reveals Gail Wilcox was terminated due to an affair with the married Executive Director of the Deputy Deputy’s association Tony Perry. The brief relationship coincided with the early 2009 negotiations between the County and... (Continue reading)

California prison guards call for a strike vote

By KAREN VELIE After learning of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plan to slash prison guard’s salaries by another 10 percent, the union has authorized a strike vote, according to Paco Villa’s Correction Blog. Union members question how the governor can determine which department’s... (Continue reading)

Deputies seeking sheriffs’ union split

By KAREN VELIE Members of the county’s largest and most influential union have mounted an aggressive campaign to divide the Deputies Sheriff’s Association (DSA) into two separate unions. If the action is successful, one union would be comprised of sworn peace officers,... (Continue reading)

Former Ralph’s Paso manager indicted for strike actions

By DANIEL BLACKBURN Craig Totman, a former manager of Paso Robles’ Ralph’s grocery store, has been indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly making false statements to investigators probing the 2003-2004 grocers’ strike. Totman, 55, was one of eight people named... (Continue reading)

Cuesta handcuffed by big contract buyouts

By DANIEL BLACKBURN AND KAREN VELIE Cuesta College’s current accreditation woes are exacerbated by several six-figure settlements being paid to former administrators, and morale among faculty and other employees is said to be dangerously deteriorating. Threats to the community college’s accreditation –... (Continue reading)

Director’s policies plague Probation front-liners

Agents and officers of the San Luis Obispo County Probation Department have been burdened by policies of the department’s director which endanger the public in general and law enforcement agencies in particular according to... (Continue reading)