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Oceano under fire for Brown Act violations

By KAREN VELIE One of the leading open government attorneys in California served the Oceano Community Services District with an order last week to cease and desist violating the Brown Act or face litigation. The Ralph M. Brown Act, passed... (Continue reading)

Oceano’s general manager terminated for cause

The Oceano Community Services District Board voted Tuesday afternoon to terminate its general manager for cause. In closed session, the board voted 4-1 to terminate Geaslen’s employment, with board member Karen White dissenting from her room at a local care... (Continue reading)

Oceano postpones announcement on employee discipline

The Oceano Community Services District Board of Directors met in closed session Monday to discuss disciplining a public employee, but did not take any action and rescheduled its discussion on the matter for 4 p.m. Tuesday. As with Monday’s meeting,... (Continue reading)

Oceano discussing terminating employee

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies are looking into allegations that the Oceano Community Services District’s beleaguered general manager committed perjury when he claimed he was an IRS-approved enrolled agent on his Form 700 statement of economic interest, which was... (Continue reading)

Coincidence? You be the judge

OPINION By LIN HILL Oceano Community Services District General Manager Thomas Geaslen appeared on the March 6 episode of Charter California Edition. Hosted by attorney Brad Pomerance, this show broadcasts locally on cable channel 41 and statewide on the California... (Continue reading)

Oceano’s unapproved water sale pursuit

OPINION By JULIE TACKER We are all aware of the decade’s long water shortage in Nipomo. For years the community has struggled with basin management, litigation and rising costs, a plight that will continue into the future. In November the... (Continue reading)

Oceano manager under fire for operating suspended corporation

Even though the Oceano Community Service’s District manager’s privately owned corporation was suspended in early 2009, he continued operating his lending company, according to his financial disclosures. On Tom Geaslen’s Form 700, he claims his company the Titan Lending Corporation... (Continue reading)

Oceano needs to put residents first

OPINION By Lin HILL As a property owner in the Oceano Community Services District water and sewer service area, it has come to my attention that the OCSD office was closed from close of business Friday, December 21, 2012 through... (Continue reading)

Oceano, how much money does it take?

By JULIE TACKER After years of questions surrounding the Oceano Community Services District finances, they don’t seem to be much closer to finding answers. The district’s current General Manager, Tom Geaslen, discloses bank account balances in his periodical Friday reports... (Continue reading)

Oceano manager refuses to disclose phone records

OPINION By JULIE TACKER Oceano Community Services District General Manager Tom Geaslen entered into a contract with the OCSD last April. The contract included his $126,000 salary through the end of the year, mileage reimbursement and health benefits and a... (Continue reading)