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Blakeslee accuses state GOP chair of “thuggery”

State Senator Sam Blakeslee (R-San Luis Obispo) called the outgoing state GOP chairman “a failed leader who has resorted to thuggery” after storming out of a heated meeting of the Rules Committee Friday at the start of a three-day Republican... (Continue reading)

Violence increases at California state hospitals

Three Sacramento lawmakers, including state Senator Sam Blakeslee (R-San Luis Obispo) are pressing for significant changes to make state mental hospitals safer. [LA Times] The new call stems from the slaying of a Napa State Hospital psychiatric technician two months... (Continue reading)

Sen. Sam Blakeslee’s staff rallies behind Women’s Shelter

After reading that the San Luis Obispo Women’s Shelter was behind in their efforts to provide Thanksgiving dinner for up to 53 different families currently involved in the program, state Sen. Sam Blakeslee provided the shelter with all of the... (Continue reading)

Blakeslee moves to the middle

Newly-elected Central Coast state senator Sam Blakeslee may be moving to the political middle. [Capitol Weekly] Last week, Blakesleee, who was considered more conservative in his Assembly days,  took the unusual step of hiring a Democrat as his press secretary.... (Continue reading)

Senator Sam!

Republican Sam Blakeslee will be the next state Senator from the five counties that comprise District 15. Blakeslee, currently a state Assemblyman from San Luis Obispo led the vote count throughout the evening in pretty much of a repeat performance... (Continue reading)

Run Away Prison Costs Hurting Our State

OPINION By Sam Blakeslee, Ph.D. - When the recession hit our nation and state revenues collapsed, Sacramento leaders were confronted with a series of dire budget scenarios. In 2009, the Legislature passed the largest tax increase in the nation, hiking... (Continue reading)

How Sam Blakeslee misleads the voters

By JACK McCURDY I recently received a mailer from Sam Blakeslee regarding the special state Senate election on Aug. 17, which has him facing John Laird, and on one side it has this: John Laird Has the Wrong Priorities “Politician... (Continue reading)

Cash flows into Blakeslee-Laird race

During the last two months, both Republican Sam Blakeslee and Democrat John Laird have each raised about $1 million for their campaigns in the special state Senate election. [Santa Cruz Sentinel] An additional $2.5 million has been contributed by special... (Continue reading)

Finally! Blakeslee and Laird debate

After weeks of charges and counter charges over who is willing to debate whom, and where, Republican Sam Blakeslee and Democrat John Laird finally had a face-to-face, one-on-one debate. [Mercury News] The two major candidates in the upcoming Aug. 17... (Continue reading)

Media asks: Where’s Sam Blakeslee?

The League of Women Voters is scheduled to host a debate Monday night at Cuesta College. All four candidates in the special state Senate election have been invited to participate. So far, only three are confirmed: Democrat John Laird, Independent... (Continue reading)