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Gearhart owes county $207,000

The county tax collector has added his name to the growing list of people, banks and other businesses owed money by former North County developer Kelly V. Gearhart, claiming the Ohio resident is more than $207,000 in arrears in property... (Continue reading)

Big changes in California primary

California now has an open “top-two” primary, meaning voters do not have to belong to a certain political party in order to cast a ballot for congressional, legislative and statewide races. [KABC] The first- and second-place winners, regardless of party,... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles man owes $456,902 in taxes

By DANIEL BLACKBURN A Paso Robles man has earned a place on the state’s annual list of the 500 largest delinquent sales and use tax scofflaws by posting debt of $456,902 accruing from his auto sales business. Jeffrey David Gallagher,... (Continue reading)

Abel Maldonado’s mounting tax troubles

Central Coast  Republican congressional candidate Abel Maldonado and his family business are embroiled in a legal battle with the IRS over more than $4 million in taxes the IRS says they owe partially because of allegedly claiming personal purchases as... (Continue reading)

Brown down, tax plan up

Gov. Jerry Brown’s popularity is slipping, but support for his tax initiative proposal is gaining traction . [Sacramento Bee] Poll results from the Public Policy Institute of California show that for the first time since taking office, Brown’s approval rating... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach to layoff six employees

The Grover Beach City Council voted Monday to eliminate six jobs to help close an $800,000 budget deficit. As of July 1, the city will eliminate four full-time and two part-time administrative and clerical positions. In addition, because of a... (Continue reading)

Big IRS tab for Maldonado?

The IRS has handed Abel Maldonado a tax bill for nearly a half million dollars. [McClatchy Newspapers] Maldonado, who is challenging two other Republicans in the primary to face Rep. Lois Capps (D-Santa Barbara), owes $470,000 according to the federal... (Continue reading)

Internet sales tax law tossed

A Colorado law passed in 2010 intended to encourage online retailers to collect sales tax has been struck down by a federal judge. (Denver Post) U.S. District Judge Robert Blackburn’s decision permanently blocks implementation of the law — which already... (Continue reading)

Tax gap costing all Californians

Potential tax dollars lost to the “underground economy” deprives California’s coffers of as much as $10 billion annually, a study by the state’s Franchise Tax Board suggests. Other tax-avoiding techniques contribute to the deficit, the study notes, such as non-filing... (Continue reading)

Big bucks tax plans gaining ground

Strong statewide support exists for imposition of a so-called “millionaires’ tax” as California residents indicate fatigue with budget austerity. [SanFranciscoChronicle] A recently released Field Poll shows that sentiment is growing for a higher tax rate for high income earners. Several... (Continue reading)