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Blindly support Paso Robles or else

OPINION By WALTER HEER The indicant in the news between the  Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce and Gary Nemeth caught my attention. I don’t know what really happened, but can tell my experience. First of all, I’m not inclined to... (Continue reading)

A little something on the side

Ask Bob Nicholson and he can point out how households and businesses are wasting water and money. He tells people how to save. Whether Nicholson’s advice is going to cost you anything depends on which hat he’s wearing that day. Nicholson makes... (Continue reading)

Mesa Community Alliance to NCSD: Fess up

OPINION By MESA COMMUNITY ALLIANCE In mid-March, Nipomo Mesa customers of the four water companies – Nipomo community Service District (NCSD), Golden State, Woodlands Mutual and Rural Water – will be sent ballots to vote on whether to increase their... (Continue reading)

Oceano seawater intrusion deemed a scam

San Luis Obispo County government agencies have been using data known to be phony to secure state and federal grants. Following a 2009 report of seawater intrusion contaminating the unincorporated community of Oceano’s groundwater supply, numerous local agencies used the information... (Continue reading)

SLO managers accused of intercepting council mail

By SYDNEY RAY A San Luis Obispo property owner spoke out on Tuesday about an incident involving mail sent to the City Council members being intercepted, the originals shredded and the correspondence withheld from the city’s elected officials for several... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles water plan is just not working

OPINION By KAREN REED I was shocked when not much was said about the huge increases in water rates needed to fund the water system projects discussed at the Nov. 15 Paso Robles City Council meeting. After years of hard... (Continue reading)

Lawmakers won’t decide canal plan

One of the state’s most enduringly controversial public works projects, the Peripheral Canal, took a subtle step forward last week after rejection of a proposal to put its future in the hands of the legislature. An Assembly committee killed a... (Continue reading)

Atascadero facing another water rate increase

Atascadero residents could see their water rates go up another 7.5 percent if officials at the Atascadero Mutual Water Company have their way. [AtascaderoNews] On Jan. 11, the Atascadero Mutual Water Company (AMWC) Board will discuss if the rate increase... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo conceals toxic waste release

Eleven months after a San Luis Obispo city employee dumped toxic chemicals at a public facility, city officials have still not reported the illegal discharge to state authorities as required by law. The failure to report the spill could leave the... (Continue reading)

Cambria desalt plant plan hits snag

Current plans for a desalination plant to serve the Cambria area were waylaid Thursday by the California Coastal Commission when the panel ruled Santa Rosa Creek is off limits for intake and outfall facilities. Specifically, the commission agreed unanimously that... (Continue reading)