October, 2018

Money laundering claims linked to illegal out-of-state marijuana sales

Editors Note: Since the legalization of marijuana, allegations of bribery, human trafficking, black market sales and money laundering have surfaced. The issues involved are complex and the profits are huge. Several public officials are accused of accepting bribes and entering... (Continue reading)

Fearmongering over fracking confuses voters

OPINION by JOANIE BROWN There is no fracking in San Luis Obispo County, and even Measure G supporters admit that the county’s geology doesn’t support fracking. What Measure G will do is shut down existing oil and gas production in... (Continue reading)

Bay Area gang members allegedly burglarized Pismo Beach homes

A crew of Bay Area gang members allegedly burglarized Pismo Beach homes this summer and stole items including jewelry and cash, according to the city’s police department. [Cal Coast Times] In July, multiple daytime burglaries occurred in unoccupied homes in... (Continue reading)

Man struck and killed while walking in Paso Robles, driver flees

A driver fled the scene after striking and killing a 22-year-old homeless man who was walking on Highway 101 in Paso Robles early Thursday morning. [Cal Coast Times] At about 5 a.m., Nathaniel J. Weatherly, 22, was attempting to walk... (Continue reading)

Mayor candidate Caren Ray does not have our interests at heart

OPINION by RON ARNOLDSEN So Hash House Harrier Caren Ray is ladder climbing in her run for mayor of Arroyo Grande. Her stepping stone approach to unseat Lynn Compton as Fourth District San Luis Obispo County Supervisor does not go... (Continue reading)

Who fabricated the Paso Robles groundwater basin overdraft?

Editor’s Note: For several years The Tribune reported that the Paso Robles water basin was in overdraft while promoting additional misinformation that has cost local taxpayers million of dollars. Now, the truth. By DANIEL BLACKBURN A San Jose jury’s recent... (Continue reading)

Chevy truck stolen from Grover Beach found in Mexico, returned to owner

Nearly three years after Bob Brown of Grover Beach had his 1957 red Chevy pickup truck stolen from a grocery store parking lot, the vehicle owner has been reunited with his classic pickup. A quite improbable chain of events led... (Continue reading)

Two suspicious fires break out by railroad tracks in SLO

San Luis Obispo firefighters suspect a person started two fires that broke out near the railroad tracks in southern SLO Wednesday evening. [KSBY] At about 7:15 p.m., fires were reported burning on both the north and south sides of where... (Continue reading)

Vandal splatters Arroyo Grande signs with paint filled Christmas ornaments

As a new police officer was sworn in at Arroyo Grande City Hall Tuesday night, with most of the police department in attendance, a vandal drove around town throwing glass Christmas tree ornaments filled with brown oil base paint at... (Continue reading)

Marijuana delivery service seeking to set up shop in Santa Margarita

A mobile medical marijuana service is seeking to create a delivery hub in Santa Margarita, which would be the first pot business to open in the community. [KSBY] Sungrown Wellness has applied for a conditional use permit that would allow... (Continue reading)