Daily Briefs

San Luis Obispo Council seeks end to binding arbitration

Voters may get another chance to vote on binding arbitration, a mandate that resulted in public safety employees receiving a 30 percent raise in 2008. [Tribune] San Luis Obispo Council members Andrew Carter, Dan Carpenter and Kathy Smith voted in... (Continue reading)

Some state parks to close

Plans are currently underway to close some California state parks due to budget problems. [San Francisco Chronicle] California Natural Resources chief John Laird told reporters Monday night that a number of state parks are currently being considered for closure. “An... (Continue reading)

Nipomo woman died from hit and run accident

A body found earlier today on a roadway in Nipomo has been identified as Krista Janine Babbitt of Nipomo, who died because of a hit and run accident. [KCOY] Babbitt, 55, was found in the middle of the roadway in... (Continue reading)

Monterey County ranks highest in youth murders

Monterey County ranked highest in California youth murders rates in 2009, according to a new study released this month by the Violence Policy Center. [TheCalifornian] The study, “Lost Youth” is a county-by-county analysis of homicide victims ages 10 to 24.... (Continue reading)

PG&E weather forecast for Tuesday February 1

Inland Temperatures, Paso Robles Actual Predicted Mon Tue ... (Continue reading)

Northern California continues to protest Smart Meters

As PG&E continues to install wireless Smart Meters across San Luis Obispo County, the debate surrounding the controversial equipment continues to spark across northern California. [NY Times] An eclectic mix of right-wing Tea Party members and left-leaning environmentalists are joining... (Continue reading)

Man assaults ex-wife and boyfriend

A Guadalupe man allegedly broke into his ex-wife’s Grover Beach home, entered her bedroom and attacked her and her current boyfriend, at about 5 a.m. on Sunday. The ex-wife and her teenage son were able to force Rafael Guzman Jimenez,... (Continue reading)

Crime stopper chief indicted

A Dallas Crime Stoppers veteran was indicted for allegedly collecting at least $250,000 in reward money for bogus tips over about a five-year period. [HoustonChronicle] FBI agents escorted Dallas Police Department Senior Cpl. Theadora Ross, 50, from police headquarters on... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles off-road motorcycle star dies

Nathan Woods, considered one of the greatest off-road champions ever to throw a leg over a dirt bike, died Friday from injuries suffered during a crash at the Honolulu Hills Raceway in Taft. Woods, from Paso Robles, was preparing for... (Continue reading)

Prowler found nude with stolen undergarments

Responding to a homeowner’s report of a prowler, Arroyo Grande Police officers found David Beeman nude, with a large bag full of women’s and children underwear and adult pornography in the caller’s hot tub on January 25. Beeman, 32, was... (Continue reading)