Daily Briefs

Leslie Nielsen dead? Surely you can’t be serious

Leslie Nielsen, the dramatic actor who reinvented himself with a comic flair after the classic movie “Airplane!” died Sunday in Fort Lauderdale. The Canadian-born actor, 84, had been battling pneumonia. Nielsen burst into movie history as the spaceship captain in... (Continue reading)

Coming soon to a car near you: Driver cams

In an attempt to increase driver safety, California is giving the green light to allowing video cameras to be mounted onto vehicle windshields. [Sacramento Bee] The goal, supporters claim, is to make participants aware of bad habits by recording their behavior... (Continue reading)

Martin family’s fall from influence

Nick Martin, one of the heirs to the Martin Media empire, drives an 11-year-old Ford Explorer to a sparsely furnished tract house that he rents for $900 a month on a dead-end street in McFarland, Kansas. [NewYorkTimes] It is a... (Continue reading)

Dr. Laura n-n-next on satellite radio

Santa Barbara-based radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger is taking her nationally syndicated program to satellite radio in January. [AP] Schlessinger has reached a multi-year deal with Sirius XM radio to air her program, though specific terms have not... (Continue reading)

Man dead after fight in Nipomo

A young man died after being involved in a street fight at Hazel Lane and Starlite Drive in Nipomo on Thanksgiving at about 8:30 p.m. San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies responded to a report of a fight and found... (Continue reading)

Woman thwarts home invasion robbery in Nipomo

A Nipomo woman was able to thwart a home invasion robbery by breaking away from her capture and activating the home alarm at about 6 p.m. on Friday. Three men entered a home on the 500 block of Tejas Place... (Continue reading)

Wanted: One city council member for San Luis Obispo

Jan Marx is set to be sworn in as the next mayor of San Luis Obispo on Tuesday night. One of the first challenges for Marx, along with Andrew Carter, John Ashbaugh, and Kathy Smith will be to fill the... (Continue reading)

Santa Barbara man pleads guilty in $12 million Ponzi scheme

A Santa Barbara  man accused of defrauding more than 50 investors in a $12 million Ponzi scheme pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges related to federal mail and wire fraud charges. Frommer faced a statutory maximum sentence of 233 years in... (Continue reading)

Famed local chef Bill Hoppe dies

Wilhelm “Bill” Hoppe, the European-trained chef, who transformed the Central Coast restaurant experience, died Sunday night at his home. Hoppe opened his first restaurant Hoppe’s on the Embarcadero in Morro Bay in the mid-1980’s. He later moved the popular restaurant... (Continue reading)

Why Lois Capps is worried

California House Democrats, including veteran representative Lois Capps (D-Santa Barbara), are likely to face serious challenges to their long-held seats in the upcoming 2012 election. [North County Times] The reason: Changes in California’s election code and political boundaries make the... (Continue reading)