Daily Briefs

How to lose $200 million in 10 years

How do you go broke, in style? [New York Times] First, you sell the family billboard sign business for millions of dollars.  Next, you funnel the funds into real estate, wineries, jet airplanes and a newspaper chain. When things start to look... (Continue reading)

No rest for the weary

Caltrans officials remind drivers that a year-long renovation of the Hwy. 46 Shandon Roadside Rest Area is scheduled to begin Dec. 1. The rest stop will be completely closed for the duration of the project. According to Caltrans spokesperson Jim... (Continue reading)

Update: DeVaul taken into custody

Developing: Dan DeVaul was handcuffed and taken into custody this morning after refusing terms of probation offered by Judge John Trice. Details will be posted throughout the afternoon by CalCoastNews.... (Continue reading)

Another California crisis

The San Jose Mercury News reports a bit of sobering news to kick off the week: cash-strapped California now will likely finish 2009 with its unemployment insurance fund $7.4 billion in the red.  The state fund has already been bailed... (Continue reading)

Banker accused of stealing from children

A 40-year-old Heritage Oaks Bank employee admitted to stealing $24,400 from a youth soccer account and transferring the funds to a personal account. [Tribune] The youth soccer group treasurer and bank employee, Douglas Smith, admitted the theft in an e-mail... (Continue reading)

SLO case of meningitis identified

Monday Update: Public health officials announced Monday morning that the student with bacterial meningitis was an unidentified Cuesta College student. County public health officials have diagnosed a 19-year-old college student with having bacterial meningitis and “strongly suspect” he may have... (Continue reading)

Marijuana plant seizures skyrocket

State officials report a staggering rise in the number of marijuana plants seized during this year’s growing season in California. Law enforcement agencies seized 4.4 million plants during the 2009 growing season which is a huge increase over the 2.9... (Continue reading)

How cold can PG&E be?

The number of low-income households across California shut off by Pacific Gas & Electric after they fell behind on paying their utility bills jumped 75 percent according to a new state report released this week. The San Francisco Chronicle has... (Continue reading)

Medical marijuana growers arrested

A former Atascadero resident and two medical marijuana growers were arrested for having a better than expected crop. The growers, licensed to produce 9.4 pounds of marijuana, were arrested by Oregon State Police who seized 200 pounds of pot found... (Continue reading)

First Bank of San Luis Obispo out of the woods?

First Bank of San Luis Obispo, a small local bank under the umbrella of Pacific Capital Bankcorp, has been having  a rough time lately, with federal regulators demanding they come up with sufficient capital or face a possible takeover. Investors... (Continue reading)