Daily Briefs

Assault leads to burglary arrest

Police say suspects in a string of local church and business burglaries had evidence of their deeds in a hotel room they had checked into. Officers discovered a printer, electronic equipment and personal identifications that did not belong to the... (Continue reading)

Managers earning more during state furloughs

A review of public records is showing that hundreds of state managers and other high-ranking workers brought home more money home than usual during some weeks, thanks to a little-known federal law. [California Watch] During furlough weeks between February 2009... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo gets tough with landlords

City officials plan to mail 3,900 enforcement letters later this month to San Luis Obispo property owners who appear to be renting homes without maintaining a required business tax certificate and license. [Tribune] Under the plan, property owners will be... (Continue reading)

Suspect sought in Grover Beach machete attack

A dispute in Grover beach on south 13th Street has left one man recovering from gashes to his head and arms and police searching for the man suspected of the machete attack. At approximately 9:30 Saturday night, 34-year-old Damaso Labra... (Continue reading)

Find out how much state workers make

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger suggested last week that salaries of public employees should be posted online, in light of the scandal down in the city of Bell. One newspaper found a data base that reports California state employee salaries [Sacramento Bee]... (Continue reading)

Term limits made things worse, many backers now say

Twenty years ago, California enacted the toughest term limits law in the nation, but today, many of those original supporters now regret their decision. [Mercury News] “Of all the mistakes I’ve made in public life, the one I regret most... (Continue reading)

Man struck and killed by train in Paso Robles

A 20-year-old man was struck and killed by a freight train at the 12th Street crossing in Paso Robles at around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday. [KSBY] Officials said Bryan Clifton Brady of Paso Robles man might have been laying on... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly drops plans for Santa Barbara MBA classes

In a sign that some see as an omen of the post-Warren Baker era, Cal Poly is abruptly dropping previously announced plans to offer an MBA program in Santa Barbara. [Pacific Business Times] University officials made the announcement Friday, indicating... (Continue reading)

Governor: City salaries should be placed online

In the wake of the recent pay scandal involving Bell city officials, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Thursday that if local governments have “nothing to hide,” they should post the salaries of top officials online. [LA Times] The governor’s remarks came... (Continue reading)

Agents seize $1.7 billion of pot in Central California

Law enforcement agents arrested nearly 100 people this week in a sweep of marijuana-growing operations worth more than $1.7 billion in the Sierra Nevada range. [AP] Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims said several Mexican drug cartels were involved in the... (Continue reading)