California population growth slows to record low levels

California’s population growth rate fell to a record low in 2018, according to the state Department of Finance. [Cal Coast Times] The state’s population grew by .47 percent last year, the slowest growth rate in California history. California added 186,807... (Continue reading)

SLO city retirees receive average pension of $90,000 a year

By JOSH FRIEDMAN As California grapples with soaring unfunded pension liabilities, which are wreaking havoc on local government budgets, the city of San Luis Obispo has a rapidly expanding six-figure pension club, and its retirees are now receiving average retirement... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande man receives two life sentences for attempted murder

A San Luis Obispo judge sentenced an Arroyo Grande man to two life sentences on Wednesday for stabbing and beating both his wife and his aunt through marriage, but the defendant could get out of prison after spending a little... (Continue reading)

Oregon freezes cannabis production amid glut, black market sales

Amid a massive surplus of cannabis, Oregon lawmakers and regulators hope to adjust supply and demand through a temporary freeze on marijuana production. [Cal Coast Times] The Oregon Senate voted 18-10 on Monday in favor of a bill to freeze... (Continue reading)

Thieves pillage Atascadero gas station, video

Three masked men broke into an Atascadero gas station early Wednesday morning and stole several items, including tobacco products and candy. At about 4 a.m., the thieves broke into the Chevron station at 8955 Montecito Avenue and stole about $2,000... (Continue reading)

SLO City Council approves management raises

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Despite the city’s distressing financial situation, the San Luis Obispo City Council unanimously voted to approved significant pay raises for two management positions. Over the past 15 years, the city’s unfunded pension liabilities have gone from $0... (Continue reading)

Suspect allegedly lured Santa Maria girl into minivan, sexually assaulted her

A 50-year-old man, who has possibly committed a string of sexual assaults, lured an underage girl into a minivan while she was walking to school and then sexually assaulted her, according to the Santa Maria Police Department. [Cal Coast Times]... (Continue reading)

Goleta man threatens victim with a replica samurai sword

A 38-year-old Goleta man threatened a person outside McDonald’s with a replica samurai sword Tuesday evening, prompting a manhunt that temporarily resulted in train traffic being halted and residents being ordered to shelter in place, according to the Santa Barbara... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo recognized for excessive noise

Loud music, noisy motorcycles, drunks spilling onto the sidewalks at bar time, rowdy behavior on Hiquera Street. Downtown San Luis Obispo can be a rather noisy place. And now Noise Free America has recognized San Luis Obispo with its Noisy... (Continue reading)

Cookie Crock closes its Morro Bay grocery store

Cookie Crock Warehouse closed its Morro Bay location on Sunday, leaving the local grocery chain with just a single store operating in Cambria. [Cal Coast Times] The Morro Bay Cookie Crock was located on Quintana Road near a competing Albertsons... (Continue reading)