SLO County’s tax dollars supported Earth Day charlatans

OPINION by MIKE BROWN During this past weekend in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Davis, Berkeley, and elsewhere across California’s leftist archipelago we were again subjected to the annual day of indoctrination or ersatz pagan right of spring... (Continue reading)

Sanitation district administrator submits false financial report

OPINION by RON ARNOLDSEN South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District’s Administrator Gerhardt Hubner recently submitted a financial report to his board that states an account it has at Rabobank contains $898.00. The account was set up last year when... (Continue reading)

Confessions of a former Democrat

T. Keith Gurnee

By T. KEITH GURNEE In today’s bitterly divided national government dominated by the hardening extremes of each party, where are we headed? Whatever happened to the reasonable moderates of this world? Have we witnessed the death of common sense? If... (Continue reading)

Why SLO does not have affordable housing

OPINION by ALLAN COOPER The regulatory process has universally been blamed for the high cost of housing. This is a myth. Even if, here in San Luis Obispo, we eliminate all regulatory constraints in the permitting process and new housing... (Continue reading)

Adam Hill strikes again, claims detractor is homosexual

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE By now, CCN readers must know that I’m not an Adam Hill fan. My previous opinion pieces as published in CCN are ample testimony to this fact. Hence, as a recent Facebook subscriber, I was... (Continue reading)

Our Democratic city needs a rebirth of democracy

OPINION by STEW JENKINS Editor’s note: A column by Democrat Stew Jenkins will run in CalCoastNews every other week, rotating with a column by Republican Mike Brown. I have to start by telling you a story about growing up in... (Continue reading)

Trump’s ruthless war on drugs

OPINION by ALLAN COOPER Drug use, particularly opioid use, has gone on unabated (in fact increased) in this country in spite of draconian laws criminalizing its possession or use. More than 2 million people are incarcerated in the United States... (Continue reading)

The hubris of Gerhardt Hubner

OPINION by JULIE TACKER Hubris is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “exaggerated pride or self-confidence.” In the case of the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District Administrator, Gerhardt Hubner, the shoe couldn’t fit any better. Hired on April 20,... (Continue reading)

After the new gas taxes, just say no

OPINION by MICHAEL BROWN Surprise, surprise – San Luis Obispo County Supervisors Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton and the Central Coast Taxpayers’ Association were absolutely right in opposing the 2016 Measure J countywide sales tax increase.  At the time, they... (Continue reading)

South County sanitation district need new leadership

OPINION by RON ARNOLDSEN My 8th grade teacher Mrs. Goss had two favorite sayings: 1. The empty wagon rattles the loudest. 2. A wise man changes his mind and a fool never does. There are people who rattle on and... (Continue reading)