Save Our Downtown endorses James Papp and Sandra Marshall

OPINION by ALLAN COOPER Save Our Downtown was disappointed with the arguments the SLO Tribune editorial board put forward in their endorsement of Heidi Harmon for San Luis Obispo Mayor and their endorsement of Andy Pease and Jan Marx for... (Continue reading)

manipulation, SLO officials promote sales tax increase

OPINION by RICHARD SCHMIDT Eight reasons to vote for SLO’s Measure G in a Tribune op-ed. Eight reasons in New Times. Eight reasons in the pro-G ballot argument. The crucial words are the same. This was carefully planned. Your tax... (Continue reading)

The deception of San Luis Obispo’s Measure G-20

T. Keith Gurnee

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE Deception knows no bounds in City Hall. Having already written about the shortcomings of San Luis Obispo’s Measure G-20 that voters are asked to approve within less than three weeks, consider what your city government... (Continue reading)

Beware of false claims, read the facts about SLO candidates

OPINION by LISA GUY In response to confusion regarding Cherisse Sweeney for mayor and Abrianna Torres for the San Luis Obispo City Council, here is clarification into the candidates’ non-partisanship positions. Campaign treasurer Bryan Burch (PFS) works for both Sweeney... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo snubs rules, promotes sales tax increase

T. Keith Gurnee

OPINION by KEITH GURNEE Come Nov. 3, San Luis Obispo voters are being asked to approve Measure G-20, SLO’s latest proposed sales tax hike that will replace the temporary 0.5 percent sales tax enacted in 2014 by tripling it with... (Continue reading)

Erik Long has the passion to serve San Luis Obispo

OPINION by PHIL PANOS I have known Erik Long for many years. He is progressive, open minded, and realistic, and is able to get things done. He is very well educated and experienced in political science and political activism. He... (Continue reading)

San Simeon CSD misled grant providers

OPINION by JULIE TACKER “This land is your land, this land is my land,” oops, no, it’s not and San Simeon Community Services District got caught. San Simeon CSD, without approval, placed a large part of its desalination facility on... (Continue reading)

Civility in SLO has become a political mantra

OPINION by JOHN EWAN While practicing civility is admirable, it is time to move beyond simple civility and embrace respectfulness. Respectful of our history Respectful of our environmental legacy Respectful of our neighborhoods Respectful of our diversity Respectful of our... (Continue reading)

It is time to end lock-step politics in San Simeon

OPINION by JULIE TACKER The San Simeon Community Services District won’t have to hold an election for the second time in row because so few residents are interested, or are unaware of the process to run for office. The tiny... (Continue reading)

BLM protesters seek justice, need our support

OPINION by PETE EVANS Boy, lots of BLM stuff going on! I just read Andy Caldwell’s commentary and of course that of Chris Arend. They reflect a lot of local San Luis Obispo County and national mentality. I would like... (Continue reading)