Oceano’s missing audits cost to the community

OPINION By JULIE TACKER Audits are important for a number of reasons, but most importantly for the Oceano Community Services District; they are required to borrow money. The most recent missed opportunity involved the refinance of the debt associated with... (Continue reading)

Conservatives’ faith in local government is misplaced

OPINION By PETER SCHEER The closer government is to the people, the more government is controlled by special interests. In America today, conservatism’s one clear fault line, cutting across cultural and socioeconomic schisms, aligns conservatives based on their views about... (Continue reading)

An open letter to Paso Robles residents

OPINION By JOHN REYNOLDS My name is John Reynolds.  I am a resident of Paso Robles, a voter, and a taxpayer. Contrary to some comments on CalCoastNews, I am not a lawyer; but I believe I do have a good... (Continue reading)

Benefits of Arroyo Grande oil wells outweigh impacts

OPINION By ROCK ZIERMAN Last weekend, Japan shut down the last of its 50 nuclear power plants that have provided power to the island nation since 1966.  As a result, they will be at the mercy of energy imports from... (Continue reading)

Find out the truth; ask questions of your elected officials

OPINION By GARY NEMETH Some council leadership in this election is counting on your apathy to keep them on the Paso Robles Council.  When you don’t vote, the minority who does vote — wins. The silent majority needs to stand... (Continue reading)

Cost of Sacramento Delta water woes

OPINION By JOHN SALISBURY Here I go again! I was thinking of giving the Sacramento Delta water woes a rest but a fairly recent move, discussed in an editorial in the San Fransisco Chronicle in December, by our old friend... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles is the Taj Mahal and taxpayers are paying dearly

OPINION By SALLY REYNOLDS While our schools are in dire need and our kids can only go to school three days a week in May because there is no money to pay teachers, the city of Paso Robles continues to... (Continue reading)

Importance of a 3 person voting majority

OPINION By GARY NEMETH There is a danger in believing a rumor without asking where the rumor started, who started it, what they had to gain. Sometimes it’s started to stir the pot or to change the discussion from what... (Continue reading)

SLO County Board of Supervisors should implement Laura’s Law

OPINION By DJ JAFFE The murder of 61-year-old Earlene Grove by her mentally ill daughter Sunni Jackson, in Paso Robles most likely wouldn’t have happened if the San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors had implemented Laura’s Law. Laura’s Law allows... (Continue reading)

Jim Patterson and the California Valley solar ranch

OPINION By ALEX ALEXIEV Fifth District Supervisor Jim Patterson has distributed a campaign brochure touting the fact that he “has led the effort” to approve two solar energy projects and “provide nearly 400 skilled worker positions” at the California Valley... (Continue reading)