Understanding greed

OPINION by GORDON MULLIN I’m greedy. When I do my taxes, I don’t ask myself, “what’s the fair amount I should pay?’  Nope.  I just attempt to follow the byzantine tax rules as best as I can hoping I don’t... (Continue reading)

Where is the story?

OPINION By JULIAN CROCKER Where is the story? The article that appeared in the Cal Coast News this week, entitled “No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”, gave the impression that either the Coast Unified School District was somehow “inflating”... (Continue reading)

Why is there no justice for Valerie Lane?

OPINION by DAVE CONGALTON I have been trying to figure out why. I have been trying to figure out why I continue to be so upset by the video of Valerie Lane being brutally assaulted by a fellow patient at... (Continue reading)

Wife of a SLOPD officer speaks out

Editor’s Note:  The following essay was written by the wife of a veteran San Luis Obispo police officer. She has asked to remain unnamed to protect her family from retribution. Now that the voters of San Luis Obispo have passed... (Continue reading)

Trashing the Tribune

OPINION By KEVIN P. RICE San Luis Obispo’s trash container ordinance was recently converted to “trash ordnance” fired at the city council when the Tribune published large color photos of all five San Luis Obispo City Council members’ homes on... (Continue reading)

Urging Gov. Brown to sign SB 914

OPINION By PETER SCHEER Sitting on Governor Brown’s desk right now is SB 914, a First Amendment Coalition-sponsored bill that would restrict warrantless police searches of citizens’ cellphones. I am writing to ask you to join us in urging the... (Continue reading)

Why redistricting Plan B-2 is not optimal

OPINION By STEW JENKINS The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors’ 2011 redistricting plan is in line to pass Tuesday, September 20. Redistricting is one of those thankless tasks that tends to generate more enemies than friends. But neither... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo soldier on 9/11, family and deployment

By JAVIER DURAN Like every other American 9/11 changed the way I viewed life and our vulnerability, as a country, in our small world. No longer did I feel comfortable leaving my house, city, state, country without the fear of... (Continue reading)

To build a lasting dream

OPINION By DENNIS EAMON YOUNG The city that never sleeps is having an anniversary. It is a terrible and yet hopeful time for all New Yorkers, wherever we may be. We may have pursued our dreams to many other corners... (Continue reading)

What the community needs to know about homelessness

OPINION BY BECKY JORGESON I am organizing a protest rally for this Wednesday (September 7) at 8 a.m. on the steps of the county courthouse in downtown San Luis Obispo. Please come if you can. I am organizing the protest... (Continue reading)