Paso Robles mayor candidate asks for unity

OPINION By GARY NEMETH A door closes and opportunity opens another. I have been very fortunate to have made new friends and rekindled old ones. All have a story to relate if we just take the time to listen. Some... (Continue reading)

Board of Supervisors’ land grab

Opinion by TOM and ELSA DAWSON The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors is at it again. They appear to be pushing through as many fee increases (read higher taxes) limiting use of private property and slowing economic growth and job creation... (Continue reading)

Legislatures breaking the backs of California businesses

OPINION By JOE SCHIMANDLE CPA I was not aware of Senate Bill 1234 until after it was passed in Sacramento and was signed by the Governor. So after becoming aware of it, I just spent some time reading the entire... (Continue reading)

Roads, who do we believe?

OPINION By GARY NEMETH The Paso Robles City Council and Manager Jim App have told us for years that there is no road repair fund. Last week I was in a meeting with Councilman Fred Strong and seven other people.... (Continue reading)

Vote yes on Proposition 38

OPINION By MARK BUCHMAN Proposition 38 sends money directly to local schools and local folks get a say in how it is spent – plain and simple. Money cannot be hijacked by legislators. It cannot be used to increase salaries.... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles criminalizing homelessness

OPINION By JON TATRO My name is Jon Tatro and I have been a police officer with the city of Paso Robles for more than 25 years. I am the officer who reported PRPD for illegal ticket quotas. I currently... (Continue reading)

Another option to Abel Maldonado and Lois Capps

OPINION BY MATT KOKKONEN Are there two tax cheats running for Congress now in California’s redesigned 24th District? Lois Capps failed to report rental income for 10 years, only to pay up after getting caught and failed to report $500,000... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo management needs to be accountable

OPINION By PETE EVANS Dear CalCoastNews readers, I’m sharing this with you since this is an important and public issue. Below, I ask our local government if they approve of the actions of their peace officers, I think you might... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo City Council candidate promotes change

OPINION By MATT STRZEPEK Greetings. My name is Matt Strzepek and I am a candidate for San Luis Obispo City Council. Strzepek means “cloth” in Polish and I am running to weave our community back together. Like many of you,... (Continue reading)

Vote out the incumbents

OPINION By MARGARET O’HARA-GORDON If you like the way things are in San Luis Obispo, vote for the incumbents. They have accomplished much: no more free parking downtown on Sundays; doubling of water and sewer rates every 3-5 years; outlawed... (Continue reading)