Paso Robles city government has real problems

OPINION By WALTER HEER Paso Robles’ city government has some real problems. This episode with the Chief of Police Lisa Solomon is just the conformation that there is much more wrong. I realized early on that Jim App operated very... (Continue reading)

Stop student loan rate hikes

OPINION By LOIS CAPPS I wanted to give an update on an important issue that will affect many Central Coast residents and families if it’s not resolved soon. Without Congressional action student loan interest rates will double on July 1st.... (Continue reading)

A bond for Cuesta College; not if but when

OPINION By PATRICK MULLEN and GILBERT H. STORK Last month, Cuesta College trustees were asked to consider hiring a consultant to poll whether voters would support a local bond measure on the November ballot. On June 6, the Board of... (Continue reading)

Wal-Mart bait and switch

OPINION By DAVID BROADWATER A day of reckoning is coming in Atascadero on the Wal-Mart/Annex project at the June 26 City Council meeting. Multi-million dollar risks to the city’s businesses and residents are on the table. This will be your last chance... (Continue reading)

Oceano managers pay questioned

OPINION By JULIE TACKER Oceano Community Services District (OCSD) will be “celebrating” the first anniversary of the hiring of its General Manager Tom Geaslen later this month. Geaslen worked for over eight months as “interim general manager” without a written... (Continue reading)

Local farm laborers, NAFTA, and child labor laws

OPINION By JOHN SALISBURY It is time for a little recap on developments on past articles. The first is that the White House, after facing fierce political pressure from Republicans, rural Democrats and farm groups across the nation has backed... (Continue reading)

Diktat or democracy?

OPINION By JAMES C WOOD What will it be San Luis County? Do we want to be ruled by our “betters” with diktats from on high, or do we want a representative government responsive to the voters? That is the... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles must learn from history

OPINION By KAREN DANIELS There are some people in Paso Robles who believe that any process leading to selection of the city’s next chief of police should look forward, and not back. Many of those same people want the new... (Continue reading)

Oceano’s missing audits cost to the community

OPINION By JULIE TACKER Audits are important for a number of reasons, but most importantly for the Oceano Community Services District; they are required to borrow money. The most recent missed opportunity involved the refinance of the debt associated with... (Continue reading)

Conservatives’ faith in local government is misplaced

OPINION By PETER SCHEER The closer government is to the people, the more government is controlled by special interests. In America today, conservatism’s one clear fault line, cutting across cultural and socioeconomic schisms, aligns conservatives based on their views about... (Continue reading)