Cuesta College faculty speak to accreditation problems

OPINION By CUESTA COLLEGE FEDERATION TEACHERS Given the recent news about Cuesta College being required to “show cause” as to why it should remain an accredited institution, the Cuesta College faculty wish to help our local community better understand what... (Continue reading)

What is going on in Paso Robles?

OPINION By GARY NEMETH I attended the council meeting on Feb. 7 as I wanted to receive firsthand information on what the community wanted to convey to the council. I was able to ask questions of both sides, which I... (Continue reading)

Mesa Community Alliance to NCSD: Fess up

OPINION By MESA COMMUNITY ALLIANCE In mid-March, Nipomo Mesa customers of the four water companies – Nipomo community Service District (NCSD), Golden State, Woodlands Mutual and Rural Water – will be sent ballots to vote on whether to increase their... (Continue reading)

Defense of free speech includes defense of seriously unsavory characters

OPINION By PETER SCHEER Why is it that the First Amendment Coalition, like other organizations that defend freedom of speech, is so often aligned in support of seriously unsavory characters? Just last week FAC filed an amicus brief in the... (Continue reading)

Oh Cuesta, my Cuesta

OPINION By MARILYN ROSSA My heart hurts right now. My Cuesta College is seriously wounded. Many of you have been here long enough to remember. There was a time when you only had to interview at Cuesta to fall in... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles water plan is just not working

OPINION By KAREN REED I was shocked when not much was said about the huge increases in water rates needed to fund the water system projects discussed at the Nov. 15 Paso Robles City Council meeting. After years of hard... (Continue reading)

PR police union demands safe work environment

STATEMENT By PASO ROBLES POLICE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION We as police officers and dispatchers are honored to serve the great citizens of Paso Robles and do so with pride. We know the responsible citizens of Paso Robles work very hard, pay... (Continue reading)

Who’s to blame for the abolition of California’s redevelopment agencies?

OPINION By MIKE BRENNLER Lately we have heard a great deal of grumbling concerning Governor Brown’s decision to abolish Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRDA). Much of the grumbling comes directly from city officials who complain that the Governor’s actions are akin... (Continue reading)

Opportunity to save Los Osos so much money

OPINION By JULIE TACKER It’s funny that Monday’s story about the California Public Records Act graced the pages of the Tribune just as I was writing my response to a December 1 Tribune  article, “Los Osos sewer project may get... (Continue reading)

Proposed federal ag child labor regulations overreaching

OPINION By JOHN SALISBURY Mercy, Mercy! Please deliver us from these nanny-state unregulated regulators who have set their sights on agriculture child labor laws. If you have chanced upon my columns in the Avila Community News, Cal Coast News, or... (Continue reading)