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Woman attacked, gang connection alleged

By DANIEL BLACKBURN and KAREN VELIE A Paso Robles woman was sexually assaulted shortly after midnight Tuesday in her own front yard by three Hispanic men who shouted racially-charged slurs. The woman, in her mid-20s, was attacked from behind as she parked... (Continue reading)

DUMPSTER CHRONICLES: Lender Hurst in a can

FIRST IN A SERIES By KAREN VELIE and DANIEL BLACKBURN Atascadero lender Hurst Financial Corp. (HFC) is fielding accusations of fraud from a second state agency, but the company’s bigger problem might already be in the bag. Hurst’s president, James Hurst Miller Jr.,... (Continue reading)

Commentary: Marijuana and the badge

By STACEY WARD When the sheriff came to town, backed by countless federal agents, to bust a legitimate, city-approved business, we could all breathe ahuge sigh of relief. No more squirrelly riff-raff posing as patients to get theirmarijuana fix. No more “medical”... (Continue reading)

EFI trustees: Piggys at the trough?

By KAREN VELIE and DANIEL BLACKBURN Trustees working the Estate Financial Inc. (EFI) collapse – including a pair retained by the failed lender – want nearly a quarter-million dollars for their efforts during the past month and a half. That includes $10,400... (Continue reading)

National Obama campaign launches from SLO

By DANIEL BLACKBURN and KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo County may play a significant role in the upcoming presidential election. This summer, two former California Polytechnic State University students, marketing whiz Cliff Branch and film director David Riordan, conceived and executed a... (Continue reading)

Bigger, better… UncoveredSLO’S new horizons

By THE EDITORS UncoveredSLO is expanding. In a world where it’s grow, or go away, we are redesigning our Web site; adding a host of new attractions like the county‘s best activities calendar (currently under construction); and broadening our news coverage... (Continue reading)

Paso’s costly water project just a backdoor tax?

By DANIEL BLACKBURN A multi-million-dollar Paso Robles water project funded by fattened water rates has pitted two mayoral candidates against one another and the conflict’s outcome could impact North County development for years to come. City officials have decided to saddle water... (Continue reading)

OPINION: Pity the children, not the porn fan

By KAREN VELIE Not a lot shocks me anymore. Even so, I am stunned by the number of blog posters and media reporters who worry that people accused of child porn, once convicted, will be unable to get their lives back... (Continue reading)

Help keep good reporting alive

FROM THE EDITORS: There’s no other way to say it… we need our readers’ help to keep UncoveredSLO.com doing the kind of investigative reporting this county so needs. Advertise with us and join a select group of bold enterprises sharing our vision... (Continue reading)

NRC: Diablo explosion was ‘catastrophic failure’

By KAREN VELIE A senior official of the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said today “an explosion” which occurred August 18 at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant was a life-threatening “catastrophic failure.” No radioactive leaks were reported, however, at the South County... (Continue reading)