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Felon firefighter forces dwindling

Even as California’s fire season reaches its peak, state officials are learning that a new prison policy will drastically affect the numbers of firefighters available in emergencies. (SF Chronicle) State prison trustees who have been trained to provide critical, physical... (Continue reading)

Voters to ponder three-strikes law

Should California’s sometimes-controversial “Three-Strikes Law” be modified? Voters in November will have a say in the law’s future following qualification of a initiative that would ostensibly reduce the number of convictions. If endorsed by voters, the initiative would change the... (Continue reading)

Bills focus on lowering prison recidivism

Prompted by stories of former prisoners unable to get jobs and assimilate into society because of the stigma of a felony conviction, California lawmakers are considering three bills that would make it easier for ex-convicts to get jobs. [MyDesert] One... (Continue reading)

State’s highest paid employee performed ‘mailroom’ duties

California’s highest paid state employee took home $777,423 last year as a prison surgeon but did little more than shuffle papers. [Los Angeles Times] In fact, Dr. Jeffrey Rohlfing has been mostly locked out of his job at High Desert... (Continue reading)