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California leads the nation in hate crimes

California recorded more hate crimes than any other state in 2010, according to recently released findings from the U.S. Department of Justice. California reported 1,331 hate crime offenses in 2010. Three of those crimes occurred in San Luis Obispo. The... (Continue reading)

Cross burning suspects plead not guilty

Four Central Coast residents charged with committing a hate crime against a black teen in predominately white Arroyo Grande pleaded not guilty Monday in a San Luis Obispo County courtroom. On March 18, Jason Kahn, 36, Jeremiah Hernandez, 32, William Soto,... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande cross burners in custody

UPDATE: The Arroyo Grande Police Department released the results of its cross burning investigation during a news conference Friday afternoon. Police say four suspects are in custody including, Orcutt resident Jason Kahn, 36, San Simeon transient Jeremiah Hernandez, 32, William Soto, 20, a... (Continue reading)

Racial graffiti at Orcutt school labeled a hate crime

Racial graffiti scrawled on walls at an elementary school in Orcutt makes for the second incident of a hate crime at the school and the fourth on the Central Coast during the past month and a half. [Noozhawk] A janitor... (Continue reading)

Students arrested for Arroyo Grande hate crime

Deputies arrested three teens on Monday night for the hate crime and vandalism that occurred at Mesa Middle School in Arroyo Grande on April 1. The teens broke into their former school and wrote anti-black and Jewish graffiti on the... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande students receive death threats

At least six Arroyo Grande High School students recently received phone calls and messages with threats that they will be harmed or killed. Similar calls have been reported throughout the country during the past two weeks. Police say it appears... (Continue reading)

Anti-hate forum set for Monday night in Arroyo Grande

A community forum in response to last month’s cross-burning incident is scheduled for Monday at 6 p.m. at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Arroyo Grande. The event, “Responding to Hate and Bias in the Community” will include a panel discussion... (Continue reading)

Hate speech vandalism in Arroyo Grande

Vandals broke into Mesa Middle School in Arroyo Grande over the weekend and covered classroom whiteboards in anti-black and Jewish graffiti, according to the San Luis Obispo Sheriff's department. Statements such as white power, fuck niggers and Jews alongside swastikas were... (Continue reading)

Four more radio stations drop Glenn Beck

The controversy over right wing radio talk show host Glenn Beck continues with the news that Buckley Radio is dropping the hot-button program from four of its stations in Connecticut. [Media Matters] Buckley officials announced Beck would be removed from... (Continue reading)

Cross burning terrifies Arroyo Grande family

A mother is terrified after finding a cross burning outside her 19-year-old African American daughter’s bedroom window in Arroyo Grande at about 12:30 a.m. on Friday. Hearing banging and fearing someone was breaking into her car, the daughter went out onto... (Continue reading)