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Los Osos church vandals found but not arrested

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s investigators found two suspects who admitted to vandalizing a Los Osos church Sunday morning, but they did not make any arrests. An 18-year-old Morro Bay man and a 19-year-old Los Osos man admitted to vandalizing... (Continue reading)

Los Osos sewer project needs another $6 million

OPINION By TOM SALMON Less than a year into the Los Osos Wastewater Project construction we are beginning to see the change orders we expected all along. A week ago, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors began the... (Continue reading)

Vandals break stained glass windows at Los Osos church

A Los Osos church that has been the target of vandalism for about four years has broken stained glass windows following an attack Saturday morning. [Tribune] Early Saturday morning, the resident priest of St. Elizabeth Catholic church at 2050 Palisades... (Continue reading)

Los Osos Waste

OPINION By TOM SALMON The Los Osos sewer construction nears 25 percent completion, the only work that has really taken place is in the high and dry areas of the community. As complexities will begin to mount and construction becomes... (Continue reading)

Los Osos man attacks wife with Samurai sword

A Los Osos man allegedly attacked his wife Tuesday with a Samurai sword causing injuries to her hands, fingers and stomach. Investigators also believe that Charles Haig Guenther, 36, threatened his wife with a handgun, according to the San Luis... (Continue reading)

Los Osos sewer costs escalating

By KAREN VELIE The cost to construct a sewer system in Los Osos is slated to run over its $173 million budget because of pay raises, extended contracts and under estimated workloads. On Feb. 24, San Luis Obispo County’s Public... (Continue reading)

Los Osos mobile marijuana dispensary robbed

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies have three people in custody for an alleged strong-arm robbery of a medical marijuana dispensary in Los Osos. [Tribune] On Wednesday, two men and a woman allegedly took marijuana and cash from a female... (Continue reading)

Chumash cemetery unearthed in Los Osos

By KAREN VELIE Members of the Chumash community want sewer collection system excavation halted in Los Osos where Native American remains were unearthed at what is believed to an ancient cemetery. Chumash leaders are asking that the area remain intact... (Continue reading)

Infant injured in Los Osos three car crash

An infant and two others were injured in a three car crash on Friday night in Los Osos. Shortly after 9 p.m., Julio Padilla, 23, was driving southbound on South Bay Boulevard when he rear ended a vehicle stopped at... (Continue reading)

Drug dealer arrested at SLO Budget Inn

Deputies arrested three people after discovering an alleged heroin operation at the Budget Inn in San Luis Obispo on Wednesday. Responding to a tip, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies made contact with three people in the hotel room. During... (Continue reading)