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Morro Bay Police hunting religious taggers

Morro Bay Police are searching for the taggers responsible for spray painting religious phrases throughout the city. The graffiti includes statements such as Jesus loves you and I am with Jesus. The vandalism has been discovered on benches and trash... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo vandals storm Christmas

On the morning of Christmas Eve, vandals broke into Santa’s House in the San Luis Obispo Mission Plaza and disfigured the interior. [KSBY] The small red and white house had a broken door, a Christmas tree on the floor and... (Continue reading)

Atascadero student busted for concrete cursive

By DANIEL BLACKBURN At least he can write. An Atascadero High School student was removed from class on Dec. 4 and arrested by local police for allegedly scribbling his name in fresh concrete. The student, who is not being identified... (Continue reading)

Man throws tirade in downtown SLO salon

A San Luis Obispo man entered a downtown salon Tuesday evening and threw products, chairs and display items all around the business. Police first received a call about Samuel Dabill, 33, around 9 p.m. when witnesses reported seeing a man... (Continue reading)

Mission Prep athletic director target of anti-gay vandalism

Two acts of vandalism that targeted the gay athletic director of Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School in San Luis Obispo are being investigated as hate crimes. [Tribune] In April 26, gay athletic director of Mission College Preparatory Catholic High... (Continue reading)

Vandals destroy 30 trees at Cuesta College

Vandals uprooted 30 trees, valued at $4,000,  near the entrance to Cuesta College’s North County Campus in Paso Robles last week. As a result of the vandalism, the campus is planning to install security cameras and replace the  stolen greenery... (Continue reading)

Racial intimidation escalates in Arroyo Grande

On Friday, the African American teen who awoke last March to find an 11-foot cross burning outside her bedroom window pulled into the Shell service station on Grand Avenue with her mother. They then discovered two racist flyers placed over... (Continue reading)

Transient attempts to burn Virgin Mary statue

A transient allegedly attempted to burn a statue of the Virgin Mary at the San Luis Obispo Mission shortly after morning mass on Tuesday. Surveillance video shows Daniel Pettigrew, 24, trying to start a fire at the base of the... (Continue reading)

Bronze memorial vandalized

A San Luis Obispo city-owned bronze sculpture, sentimental to the Chinese community, is damaged after being vandalized several times within the last six months. Two bronze parts of the Chinese Iron Road Pioneers statue, which sits in San Luis Obispo’s... (Continue reading)