Daily Briefs

Atheists cry foul over Pismo Beach City Council’s Christian invocations

Pismo Beach’s City Council may find itself in court if it continues to allow Christian laden invocations to lead its supposed secular meetings. Members of Atheists United of San Luis Obispo have repeatedly asked the Pismo Beach City Council to... (Continue reading)

Indestructible tomatoes explained

Consumers have known for years that tomatoes from the grocer often taste bland, have bad texture, and can be as hard as baseballs. And while it is no mystery that the fruit was the result of scientific tinkering to create... (Continue reading)

Arnold was not Maldonado’s special guest

Republican Congressional candidate Abel Maldonado was enticing supporters to attend a Friday fundraiser in Pismo Beach with the promise of a “special guest,” prompting his Democratic opponent, incumbent Rep. Lois Capps, to report the surprise guest was likely former California... (Continue reading)

Body found in ocean off Pismo Beach

Two men paddle boarding in the pacific ocean near Pismo Beach discovered the body of a 34-year-old man floating in the water on Sunday at 11:20 a.m. Jonathan Blankeship of Pismo Beach is thought to have fallen off an ocean-side... (Continue reading)

Oceano employee’s claim leads to changes

Shortly after receiving a claim for wrongful termination that detailed a supervisor’s porn use, Oceano district officials placed the supervisor on leave and changed the status of all district employees from tenured to at will. In December, Oceano Community Services... (Continue reading)

Rally to save Atascadero tree mural

Friends of the Tree Mural, a group of people supporting a mural on the ARTery in Atascadero, are planning a rally on Friday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., at 5890 Traffic Way. Atascadero’s Design Review Committee has asked the... (Continue reading)

Teacher sex bill succumbs

A plan to streamline and simplify the process for firing teachers guilty of sex, drugs or violence involving children died in an Assembly committee this week, victim of vigorous opposition from the California Teachers Association. (Sacramento Bee) The measure by... (Continue reading)

New tax-hike plan touted

A Berkeley Democrat’s effort to alter the way California assesses taxes for many state taxpayers faces an uncertain future, needing two-thirds of the Assembly to back it. Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner has introduced legislation to disallow the use of net operating... (Continue reading)

Chief’s charges against Paso Robles officer dismissed

Charges levied against a Paso Robles police officer for allegedly accessing DMV records by former chief of police Lisa Solomon-Chitty were dismissed earlier this month. Prosecutors asked San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge John Trice to dismiss the four... (Continue reading)

Fourth Arroyo Grande cross burner sentenced to jail

The fourth defendant accused of committing a hate crime against a black teen in Arroyo Grande last year was sentenced to 11 years in prison on Wednesday. San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Jacquelyn Duffy sentenced Jeremiah Leo “Smurf” Hernandez,... (Continue reading)