Daily Briefs

Paso Robles cop’s use of force: Still hurts one year later

A woman who stole a bottle of water on a hot 90-plus degree day and was thrown to the baking asphalt by a Paso Robles cop, and held there as she pleaded to be moved off the pavement, still suffers... (Continue reading)

World’s largest rodent found in Paso Robles wastewater

A species of the world’s largest rodent, a capybara, was discovered July 22 by Nick Camp at the Paso Robles Wastewater Treatment Plant. [Huffington Post] Kamp took photographs of the animal, which can grow up to weigh 145 pounds and... (Continue reading)

California home sales hit new low in July

California home sales dropped to their lowest level in 16 years last month as potential buyers held off purchases because of unstable markets and fears stemming from the debt ceiling debate. [Business Week.com] An estimated 34,695 new and resale houses... (Continue reading)

Victim sues former city councilman Ed Arnold for alleged beating

An Arroyo Grande city employee who was the alleged victim of a home burglary and physical beating by former city councilman Ed Arnold in 2009 is suing for bodily injuries and emotional distress. [The Tribune] Arnold, who pleaded no contest... (Continue reading)

Raising money for Baby Naya and Pastor Doug

Friends and community leaders are coming forward to help two different Central Coast families face the tough challenge of paying unexpected medical bills. Jamie Maraviglia-Manalo, director of marketing at the Clark Center in Arroyo Grande, gave birth to a baby... (Continue reading)

PG&E missing key San Bruno documents

New federal findings, released Monday, report that Pacific Gas & Electric is unable to find key documents about the section of natural gas pipeline that exploded last fall in San Bruno and has depended on faulty or nonexistent data to... (Continue reading)

Cell phone fines for drivers may increase

Legislation that would significantly increase fines for drivers who talk on cell phones or text was approved Monday and needs only Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature. [Chronicle] The bill, SB 28, also prohibits bicyclists from texting or talking on a phone,... (Continue reading)

Salinas will consider ban on polystyrene takeout boxes

The Salinas City Council will consider today whether to ban polystyrene “takeout” boxes, which tend to break up over time and leach out toxic chemicals, and are considered a major source of marine pollution and litter, environmentalists say. [The Salinas... (Continue reading)

Hate crime defendant claims he burned cross to memorialize his father

The defendant in a March 18 Arroyo Grande cross burning who is being charged with a hate crime claims that he was attempting to memorialize the death of his father, not to express racial hatred. [The Tribune] The attorney for... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande brothers tied up during home invasion

Deputies are searching for two men who forced their way into a rural Arroyo Grande home on Sunday evening and tied up two brothers before robbing them. Two men wearing bandanas stormed into the house on the 2300 block of... (Continue reading)