Unintended consequences of the national energy policy

OPINION by PAUL C. HERTEL On day one in office, our President Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline and set the tone for our national energy policy and his entire administration. The energy companies got the message. They knew that new... (Continue reading)

We are the parents

OPINION by SARA SEMMES Even as a homeschooling mom in San Luis Obispo County, I still can’t help but feel compelled to stand up against what is going on in our public schools. It just plain feels wrong to the... (Continue reading)

Ukrainians deserve our help, support, gratitude

Opinion by Dr. James Armstead When one considers the various elements of strategy, oft times the political and diplomatic aspects of war are wrongly relegated to a lesser position. This is brighter wise or correct and can only lead to... (Continue reading)

No legal options for keeping Diablo Canyon operating

Opinion by SLO Mothers for Peace The technical staff at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on Tuesday refused a request by Pacific Gas & Electric to resume reviewing a 2009 license renewal application the company formally withdrew from NRC... (Continue reading)

Does SLO County’s future water supply depend on a very fragile concept?

OPINION by DANIEL BLACKBURN Fifty years ago, my one-of-a-kind job was to promote the construction of a California water project then known as the Peripheral Canal. My efforts were spectacularly unsuccessful, as the object of my labors has yet to... (Continue reading)

Scheme to keep Diablo Canyon open is illegal, groups say

Statement by Mothers for Peace Federal law requires reactors to close while the Nuclear Commission reviews license renewal application San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace, Friends of the Earth and the Environmental Working Group filed a petition on Tuesday asserting... (Continue reading)

Central Coast Blue, a study in environmental justice

OPINION by JEFF EDWARDS The City of Pismo Beach is a regional hegemon, wealthy, well connected and used to getting its way. The city has been the lead on Central Coast Blue, a nearly $100 million proposal to treat its... (Continue reading)

Jones thanks supporters, plans to continue supporting good government

OPINION by BRUCE JONES, M.D. Earlier this month, Elaina Cano, the San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder, reported and certified that Bruce Gibson received thirteen votes more than I did in the District 2 Supervisor’s election. An examination of the election... (Continue reading)

Group halts SLO County District 2 recount

Press release from San Luis Obispo County Citizens Action Team The San Luis Obispo County Citizens Action Team (SLOCCAT) issues this preliminary report of its findings and observations related to the two public recounts of the 4th District and 2nd... (Continue reading)

Former Paso Robles school board trustee alleges retaliation

OPINION by KENNEY ENNEY If you were to believe progressives like Carey Alvord-Schof and her radical supporters, the challenge to my appointment to the Paso Robles school board is because I’m a “racist, sexist, hater,” determined to deny rights and... (Continue reading)