Paso Robles needs new city leadership

OPINION by GARY LEHRER The latest chapter of the parking saga in Paso Robles leads me to believe City Manager Ty Lewis has been totally incompetent in dealing with this situation. The Brown Act was violated as there was no... (Continue reading)

Detachment and impartiality are the wellspring of a fair trial.

OPINION By ILAN FUNKE-BILU I am honored to represent Giovanni DeGarimore. He is charged with committing crimes in our county. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Our Constitution provides that all citizens, even non-citizens, must be afforded the... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles City Council needs to hold advisors accountable

OPINION by JULIE TACKER In light of the recent decision by the Paso Robles City Council to stop work on raising rates on the paid parking system the council must hold their advisors accountable. It’s clear that the city manager... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles’ paid parking is harming businesses, our downtown

OPINION by JOHN ROUSH An open letter to the Paso Robles City Council: This Paso Robles parking program is driving out our residents. The tourists will always come but the North County residents, our businesses lifeblood, have a choice. The... (Continue reading)

Safety first at Paso Robles schools, no to a new aquatic center

OPINION by KENNEY ENNEY The citizens of Paso Robles voted to approve Bond Measure M-16 in Nov. 2016. “To repair, acquire, upgrade, equip and construct school classrooms and facilities including science, technology, engineering, arts, and math classrooms; expand career technical... (Continue reading)

Vote Heather Moreno SLO County supervisor, for a balanced approach

OPINION by ADAM VERDIN As a resident and business owner deeply concerned about California’s homeless crisis and its impact on San Luis Obispo County, its human cost, and its effect on public safety, I am proud to support Heather Moreno... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo needs to reevaluate its parking rates

OPINION by JOE BENSON San Luis Obispo has an opportunity to put the traditional archaic approach to parking in the rear view mirror and shift gears by adopting a new approach that will result in a more efficient, pleasant parking... (Continue reading)

Being a Palestinian-American student during a genocide

OPINION by CATIE HADDAD I spent much of the first three years of my life at my teta and jidu’s home in San Luis Obispo. In their backyard, they had a large garden with every fruit and vegetable variety imaginable.... (Continue reading)

It is not genocide in Gaza, it is simply self defense

OPINION by PETE EVANS Seventy-nine years ago today, Jan. 27, 1945, Russian troops liberated Auschwitz, perhaps the most infamous Nazi concentration camp. This camp and many others were part of the organized genocide perpetrated by the Nazis, mostly against Jews.... (Continue reading)

California needs to reform the ADA Act, listen to the public

By Supervisor Debbie Arnold Small businesses are the lifeblood of our local economy. I have witnessed that both in my capacity as a county supervisor and in my 17 years owning and operating a small business here in San Luis... (Continue reading)