Why I am voting for James Papp for San Luis Obispo City Council

OPINION by PETE EVANS The question of night hiking in our wildlands is a great example of the wrong headedness of much of the San Luis Obispo City Council. Time and again they have voted against native animals in favor... (Continue reading)

San Simeon director accuses district of violating its own ordinance

OPINION by MICHAEL DONAHUE An open letter to fellow directors, general manager and district counsel: On Aug. 30, when I was out the country, during special closed session, the board authorized district counsel to proceed with settlement negotiations with the... (Continue reading)

Campaign sign wars in Arroyo Grande

OPINION by SHARLOTTE WILSON Here we go, campaign sign wars are on again! With an election season upon us once again, campaign signs are allowed to start posting 60 days before an election. Here we are just 12 days into... (Continue reading)

Appellate Court ignored the factual record

Opinion by District Attorney Dan Dow First, let me be clear I have deep respect for the judicial process and the judges and appellate justices who are called to make difficult decisions. With that in mind, I respectfully and firmly... (Continue reading)

SLO County sanitation district is not acting in the public’s best interest

OPINION by JOHN CLEMONS If the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District continues it’s current trajectory with regard to funding the redundancy project, the total cost of the project, including interest charges will be over $50 million. Paying the... (Continue reading)

Making progress on lowering costs and making communities safer

Opinion by Congressman Salud Carbajal A lot has happened in Washington these past few weeks, so I wanted to take a moment to share a short update. My colleagues and I have been working to curb inflation and bring down... (Continue reading)

SLO County’s clerk-recorder counts on herself

OPINION by CYNTHIA MUIR It’s amazing that San Luis Obispo County’s appointed clerk recorder Elaina Cano, relatively unknown, who barely campaigned if at all, would have such a high percentage of the current election results. As of the June 25... (Continue reading)

Support vehicles on the Oceano Dunes, win a trailer

OPINION by JIM SUTY The Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area has been under constant threat of closure which forced a grassroots organization, Friends of Oceano Dunes, to take up the challenge to defend their continued access. For over 20... (Continue reading)

A perfect storm at Diablo Canyon in SLO County

OPINION by JOEY RICANO There has always been a myriad of threats to the precious coast of California. Sewage, over fishing, oil drilling and recently, seismic testing, to name a few. But never before have so many of these threats... (Continue reading)

Higher interest rates, inflation could lower home prices in SLO County

Opinion by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Finance Area While the Federal Reserve’s actions to increase interest rates have placed home ownership even further out of reach for many Americans, those steadily rising costs might eventually help would-be buyers, said... (Continue reading)