Newsom thankful for federal funding for Diablo Canyon extension

Statement by Gov. Gavin Newsom Gov. Gavin Newsom responded Monday to the U.S. Department of Energy’s announcement that it has awarded $1.1 billion from the Civil Nuclear Credit Program to support a limited-term extension of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant... (Continue reading)

SLO County District Attorney Dow is a warrior for justice, Tribune rebuttal

Opinion by San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow Sadly, over the last decade issues of community safety have increasingly exposed the stark differences of world view between political conservatives and political “progressives.” Progressive politics have brought us initiatives... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles students should come first, not teachers

OPINION by BERKLEY BAKER The teachers union does not care about children in Paso Robles. The union cares about power. It cares about adding union members, more union members gives the union more money. The California Teachers Association (CTA) is... (Continue reading)

California prosecutors oppose early release of violent criminals

Statement by the California District Attorneys Association The California District Attorneys Association (CDAA) wants the prison system to explain why it is releasing violent prisoners who haven’t earned sufficient rehabilitation credits early from prison. In some cases, they have re-offended... (Continue reading)

Protect Paso Robles’ children, take a critical look at cannabis

OPINION by DORIAN BAKER It’s interesting that Becky Zelinski not only chooses to label Ron Cuff’s editorial opposing the further development of the cannabis retail trade in Paso Robles a “fallacious fairy tale,” but further infers that Mr. Cuff’s “dark”... (Continue reading)

Tribune’s bias undeniable in SLO County supervisor race

By ERIK GORHAM The Tribune’s latest editorial over the San Luis Obispo County District 2 race reads like a Bruce Gibson campaign flyer and not like an unbiased examination of the candidates. I wholly disagree with the editorial team’s conjectures.... (Continue reading)

Smart family finds no joy in verdict, pens message to Kristin

Statement from the family of Kristin Smart Without Kristin, there is no joy or victory with this verdict, we all know it did not have to be this way. We will never be able to hear Kristin’s engaging laughter or revel... (Continue reading)

SLO County Sheriff Parkinson on Paul Flores’ conviction

Opinion by San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson I am extremely pleased with the jury’s decision today to convict Paul Flores for the murder of Kristin Smart. I am disappointed, however, for the acquittal of Ruben Flores as an... (Continue reading)

Close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant on schedule

Opinion by Mothers for Peace Mothers for Peace is deeply troubled by actions taken by Governor Newsom and our California legislators who voted for Senate Bill 846 to extend the operation of Diablo Canyon nuclear plant. Although Mothers for Peace... (Continue reading)

Bruce Gibson supports special interests, ignores the needs of seniors

OPINION by GREG GREWAL Many San Luis Obispo County residents are struggling to pay their bills amid our current financial crisis. Instead of fighting for those on fixed incomes, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson votes for special interests.... (Continue reading)