SLO County District Attorney will not prosecute those attending religious services

Open letter from San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow Dear Leaders and Members of the Faith Community, Shortly after Gov. Gavin Newsom began issuing orders in response to COVID-19, I began fielding inquiries from leaders in the faith... (Continue reading)

Our denier-in-chief is on his own

OPINION by STEW JENKINS Good friends, 116,708 American soldiers died in World War One. Of those 53,402 at the hands of German, Austrian and Turkish soldiers. The rest died from the H1-N1 Flu while serving their country in Europe. Donald... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles no-bid garbage contract seeks big hike

OPINION by DANIEL BLACKBURN This coming Tuesday, Paso Robles City Council members will vote on a proposal to raise rates for waste disposal, and there is every indication the 30-plus percent increase will be authorized. Ratepayers have been asked to... (Continue reading)

Has Gov. Gavin Newsom gone too far?

OPINION by T.KEITH GURNEE Gov. Gavin Newsom’s power has seemingly gone to his head. His responses to two primary issues—the COVID-19 pandemic and California’s housing struggles — reveals he’s gone too far and it just may undo his administration. Newsom’s... (Continue reading)

The absolute necessity to challenge Governor Newsom

OPINION by ANDY CALDWELL The California economy is on the verge of ruin, and our society is on the verge of collapse, because of the abusive power grab of Governor Gavin Newsom that has been aided and abetted by local... (Continue reading)

Are SLO County leaders attempting to politicize the coronavirus?

OPINION by RICHARD SCHMIDT The most bizarre recent SLO Covid-19 moment came one day last week when we San Luis Obispo County people, listening to Gov. Newsom’s daily noon briefing, learned through this state-wide discussion that SLO County’s “elected leaders”... (Continue reading)

Viruses and really scary viruses

OPINION By LAURA MORDAUNT Either way our county did the right thing and allowed us all to absorb the meaning of this COVID-19 virus outbreak. Now that we are prepared with the process recommended, involving hospitals etc., it is time... (Continue reading)

Are SLO County officials hiding their coronavirus recovery plan?

OPINION by JULIE TACKER The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors is having a special board meeting on April 28 to receive their COVID-19 update and to consider sending a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom regarding reopening of local... (Continue reading)

Wake up before it’s too late to save SLO County’s economy

OPINION by CHRIS IVEY From the third grade on, and then on to the Wharton School of Business, I was taught to understand that money has to be backed by something of value such as gold, silver or seashells, before... (Continue reading)

Let’s reopen San Luis Obispo County

OPINION by LINDA BECKER San Luis Obispo County data indicates we are ready for a phased in reopening. As a retired nurse, who specialized in infection prevention and control for more than three decades, I support our County Board of... (Continue reading)