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Imagining how Andrew Holland felt

Letter to the editor by Sarah Jakle I was diagnosed with rapid cycling and mixed state bipolar disorder in 1997, at age 22. I felt like something was trying to claw its way out of... (Continue reading)

Staff hires mediators for city council meetings: Is it time for a divorce?

OPINION by STEW JENKINS A special San Luis Obispo City Council meeting on Feb. 16 revealed such a serious rift between the city’s voters and its administration that professional mediators were hired to preside. The... (Continue reading)

Water is worth fighting for

OPINION by CINDY STEINBECK Protect Our Water Rights (POWR), a coalition of North County landowners, was formed for a single purpose from which we have not wavered – to protect our members’ legally predominant rights... (Continue reading)

SLO County planning priorities reconsidered

T. Keith Gurnee

By T. KEITH GURNEE Today, Feb. 21, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors will hear yet another report on “planning priorities” from its Planning Director James Bergman. Back in Oct. 2015, I had... (Continue reading)

For whom do Berkeley’s bells toll?

OPINION by MIKE F. BROWN Editor’s note: A column by Republican Mike Brown will run in CalCoastNews every other Thursday, rotating with a column by Democrat Stew Jenkins. The Milo Yiannopoulos uprising at UC Berkeley... (Continue reading)

Instead of Measure J, let’s try zero budgeting

OPINION by GORDON MULLIN Defeat of Measure J puts transportation projects at risk, a front page editorial by the Tribune’s own Stephanie Finucane, reminded me why I voted no on this tax measure last November. We... (Continue reading)

Obstructionism and the government’s failure to govern

OPINION by OTIS PAGE It appears the 9th Circuit is compromised – that it joins a clear strategy to use the judicial powers to politically stall and harass President Trump through the obvious legal vagaries... (Continue reading)

Teaming up to prevent oil drilling off San Luis County’s coast

OPINION by STEW JENKINS Editor’s note: A column by Democrat Stew Jenkins will run in CalCoastNews every other week, rotating with a column by Republican Mike Brown. I’ve always like fishermen. Oh, and if you... (Continue reading)

The perils of approving a marine sanctuary

OPINION by STEVEN L. REBUCK The word sanctuary has a nice sound. A holy place or natural retreat for animals. Add marine. Marine sanctuary. A safe place for Dory. Add Native Americans. It’s a trifecta:... (Continue reading)

Is the SLO City Council ignoring public input?

OPINION by ALLAN COOPER On Tuesday, Feb. 7, the San Luis Obispo City Council denied an appeal of the city’s Architectural Review Committee’s Dec. 5th approval of 22 Chorro Street. Before their vote, the council... (Continue reading)

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