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SLO City Council appeases the bike zealots

T. Keith Gurnee

On Aug. 15, our San Luis Obispo City Council unanimously voted to ram a “cycle track”– essentially a bicycle highway—right down the throat of the Broad Street, Mission Street, and Chorro Street neighborhoods–despite the overwhelming neighborhood opposition that spoke against... (Continue reading)

Carrizo Plain National Monument’s fate still unknown

OPINION by FOREST WATCH On Thursday, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke delivered his highly-anticipated recommendations to President Trump on the fate of more than two dozen national monuments that have been under review for possible reduction or elimination. The Carrizo Plain... (Continue reading)

Practical advice, voting on B-17

Opinion by Stew Jenkins and Allen Settle Tuesday is the last day to vote yes on San Luis Obispo City Measure B-17 so that you never again fear opening your door to find a city officer telling you, “I’m here... (Continue reading)

Stop abetting violent assemblies

OPINION by MIKE BROWN It’s one thing for weak public officials hiding behind their ostensible support for the First Amendment to rail about extremist hate groups, but it’s another thing for them to have the courage to stand up to... (Continue reading)

SLO doesn’t need a new assistant city manager

OPINION by ALLAN COOPER Based on some research I did recently, it would appear that the City of San Luis Obispo has the highest number of city employees per capita among five comparably sized California cities — Azusa, Covina, Dublin... (Continue reading)

Al Gore movie at the Palm, a must see

OPINION by JAMES DUENOW The 2017 movie, “An Inconvenient Sequel,” at the Palm Theater, is a must see! It is a documentary, narrated by Al Gore, about global warming; its causes, effects and possible solutions. Gore first asserts that warming... (Continue reading)

Tribune editorial exposes writer’s ignorance

OPINION by JULIE TACKER In addition to being factually inaccurate, the Tribune’s recent editorial, “Arroyo Grande mayor claims he did nothing wrong. So why is he so quiet?” takes a poorly aimed pot-shot at Mayor Jim Hill. The Tribune editorial... (Continue reading)

Bike lobby’s control of SLO City Council continues

T. Keith Gurnee

OPINION by KEITH GURNEE Well the bike lobby may succeed after all. Recognized by many as the most powerful special interest group in the city of San Luis Obispo, they seem to have a stranglehold on the city council as... (Continue reading)

Did Russia hack the U.S. election?

By JAMES DUENOW Suppose the Russians stole the election for Trump. It would happen like this: They would bring in a group of their techie experts, perhaps a dozen or so. Having carefully studied the voting and election process, they... (Continue reading)

BOS needs outside investigation into jail death

By MICHAEL F. BROWN The policing and jail business is inherently hazardous. The opportunity for mistakes is ever present. Violent acts and their potential are a constant threat. From time to time split second decisions must be made, such as... (Continue reading)

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