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Illegal pot grow in rural Paso Robles advertised for sale

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a two-part series about allegations of theft, illegal cannabis cultivation, impersonation and fraud. By KAREN VELIE What should you not do when attempting to sell a property in rural Paso Robles for top... (Continue reading)

SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow tussles with governor’s office

By KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow chastised the governor’s office on Friday for announcing the release of an inmate serving 50 years to life in prison for multiple violent crimes without first informing the victims.... (Continue reading)

Controversy over blue line flag honoring slain SLO police officer

By KAREN VELIE Following the murder of 37-year-old detective Luca Benedetti, who was shot and killed while serving a warrant, the San Luis Obispo Police Department memorialized the officer by hanging two blue line flags in front of headquarters. Throughout... (Continue reading)

Trial of alleged Paso Robles pedophile starts Tuesday

By KAREN VELIE The trial of a  Paso Robles man who allegedly molested or secretly recorded numerous people, including toddlers, is scheduled to start on Tuesday. The trial was set to start two years ago, but Jason Robert Porter ousted... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly professor warns students to be wary of police officers

By KAREN VELIE When several thousand police gathered on the Cal Poly campus to honor a murdered San Luis Obispo police officer and university alum, Cal Poly students got a warning to be careful. The widely shared on social media... (Continue reading)

San Simeon officials facing litigation over failure to do their jobs

By KAREN VELIE After repeatedly failing to vote yes or no on a requested hardship exemption, or agree to provide water, San Simeon Community Services District Board members have been named in a proposed lawsuit over an alleged taking. In... (Continue reading)

Oceano Dunes off-road vehicle enthusiasts file quiet title lawsuit

By KAREN VELIE In an attempt to have portions of the Oceano Dunes dedicated for off-highway vehicle use, Friends of the Oceano Dunes filed a quiet title lawsuit on May 11 against multiple state and local government agencies. According to... (Continue reading)

Lustful eyes cast on Paso Robles Water Basin

(Editor’s note: This is part two of a two-part series on the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors recent vote to allow water banking in the county’s aquifers. Read part one.) By DANIEL BLACKBURN On its surface, the idea... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo police detective killed in the line of duty identified

By KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo city officials announced today the name of the detective shot and killed while serving a search warrant as 37-year-old Luca Benedetti. Shortly before 5 p.m. on Monday, six officers attempted to serve a search... (Continue reading)

SLO County assesses San Simeon attorney’s work, does not pass

By KAREN VELIE In a scathing letter, San Luis Obispo County chastises San Simeon Community Services District’s legal counsel for failing to properly respond to questions about an alleged encroachment and the awarding of non-bid contracts. This nondisclosure could cost... (Continue reading)