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Arroyo Grande top staffer let go, SLO creates a position

By KAREN VELIE Arroyo Grande’s Community Services Director Teresa McClish was the first of three top staffers to leave the city this month. All three have taken lower level positions with other public agencies. [Cal Coast Times] On Nov. 1,... (Continue reading)

Lawsuit challenges city’s right to ban natural gas appliances

By KAREN VELIE A mere six weeks after the Berkeley City Council voted to ban natural gas appliances in new construction, the San Luis Obispo City Council followed suit. And now Berkeley is battling a lawsuit, and SLO could be... (Continue reading)

Abel Maldonado’s cannabis plant tests inconclusive

By KAREN VELIE The lab tests former Lt.Gov. Abel Maldonado offered to prove he is growing hemp and not marijuana in his farm in San Luis Obispo County were based on samples that could not be used to tell the... (Continue reading)

Victim asks SLO County judge to reopen criminal case

By KAREN VELIE Which is more important, a criminal defendant’s right to finality or a victim’s rights to be heard and informed? San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Jesse Marino is currently pondering that question. [Cal Coast Times] Earlier... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande Council votes to raise mayor’s pay 97 percent

By KAREN VELIE Following pleas from the public not to raise their salaries, the Arroyo Grande City Council voted 3-2 on Tuesday to give themselves a 60 percent increase and Mayor Caren Ray-Russom a 97 percent increase in pay. [Cal... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande City Council seeks a 60 percent pay raise

By CCT STAFF The Arroyo Grande City Council will consider granting itself a 60 percent pay raise at its meeting on Tuesday, according to the agenda. [Cal Coast Times] In September, Mayor Caren Ray-Russom asked staff to review council member... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles High School parents angry over locked bathrooms

By KAREN VELIE Amid allegations of drug dealing, vaping and sex in bathrooms, Paso Robles High School administrators are locking the bulk of student restrooms for much of the school day, an action that has angered many students and parents.... (Continue reading)

Politics, loopholes and research exempt hemp

Editor’s note: This is part two in a series about a loophole in state and county hemp regulations and those taking advantage of the lack of oversight. By KAREN VELIE Both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants. But hemp has... (Continue reading)

Lawsuit targets trove of hidden SLO County IWMA documents

By CCT STAFF A private investigator who spent 23 years as an IRS special agent and whose work helped dismantle a Colombian drug cartel is suing San Luis Obispo County’s waste disposal agency and District Attorney Dan Dow to force... (Continue reading)

McLaughlin SLO County Jail death case not over yet

By KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo County Counsel Rita Neal is claiming the family of a 60-year-old man who died at the county jail accepted a nearly $42,000 settlement, while the family’s attorney is saying no such settlement occurred. Amid... (Continue reading)