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SLO County delays discussion on Adam Hill’s alleged bullying until after election

By CCT STAFF During a contentious public comment period on Tuesday, San Luis Obispo County officials announced plans to wait until after the March 3 election to discuss allegations Supervisor Adam Hill sent harassing and perverse emails to a member... (Continue reading)

Crazy robocall stuns San Luis Obispo County voters

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Many San Luis Obispo County voters were shocked when they answered the phone Tuesday afternoon and received a robocall purportedly instructing them to reelect Supervisor Adam Hill that in actuality highlighted and exaggerated some of the supervisor’s own... (Continue reading)

SLO County supervisor candidates trade barbs as campaigns heat up

By CCT STAFF District 3 A determined candidate looking to become San Luis Obispo County’s next District 3 supervisor is raising behavioral concerns about her opponent in the hotly contested primary race. Successful business owner Stacy Korsgaden rattled incumbent Supervisor... (Continue reading)

Oceano board member snaps during discussion on decorum

By CCT STAFF During a discussion on rules of decorum at last week’s Oceano Community Services District meeting, President Linda Austin became agitated at another board member’s suggestion and attempted to squelch the director’s voice. Austin began the discussion on... (Continue reading)

Thousands of SLO County voters receive two ballots, others none 

By CCT STAFF Thousands of voters in San Luis Obispo received two vote-by-mail ballots for the March 3 primary election, while other voters in rural SLO County found themselves removed from the voter rolls, according to the SLO County Clerk... (Continue reading)

SLO County IWMA seeking to ban plastic bags for produce

By CCT STAFF Stores in San Luis Obispo County will be barred from providing single use plastic produce bags if proponents in favor of updating the Integrated Waste Management Authority’s plastic bag ban are successful. And with a  9-4 vote... (Continue reading)

Supervisor candidate Ellen Beraud accused of neglect, abuse

By CCT STAFF A patient of supervisorial candidate Ellen Beraud has filed a lawsuit against her, claiming that Beraud’s gross negligence and deliberate indifference have endangered his health. Beraud is currently challenging San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Debbie Arnold for... (Continue reading)

Oceano CSD to slash director compensation

By CCT STAFF Shortly after Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo city councils granted themselves considerable raises in compensation, Oceano Community Services District General Manager Will Clemens is asking district board members to consider cutting their compensation. For years, Oceano... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo City Council seeks a 63 percent pay raise

By CCT STAFF Despite the city’s distressing financial situation, on Tuesday the San Luis Obispo City Council will consider granting members a 63 percent pay raise and the mayor a 46 percent increase in compensation, according to the agenda. At... (Continue reading)

Vulgar, threatening emails came from SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill’s home

By CCT STAFF The emails to popular local radio talk show host Dave Congalton were taunting and sexually perverse. And, after a lengthy criminal investigation, the district attorney’s office determined that the emails came from the home of San Luis... (Continue reading)