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If others do it too, why was a Pismo Beach official censured?

By KAREN VELIE Using the others do it too excuse, the only public speaker during last week’s censure of Pismo Beach Councilwoman Marcia Guthrie, argued against the public lambaste claiming others on the council also violate the law. Susan Testa... (Continue reading)

Port San Luis commissioner under fire for violating the Brown Act

By KAREN VELIE Port San Luis Harbor District Commissioner Bob Vessely is facing a public reprimand at Tuesday’s board meeting for providing confidential documents to a third party in violation of the Brown Act. After participating in a Feb. 9... (Continue reading)

Friends of the Oceano Dunes wins another legal battle against regulators

By KAREN VELIE Another contentious legal battle ended Friday with a Sacramento County Superior Court judge ruling in favor of Friends of the Oceano Dunes. The judge determined the California Department of Parks and Recreation violated the California Public Records... (Continue reading)

SLO County IWMA repeal of polystyrene ban spurs political fight

By KAREN VELIE Divided along party lines, the San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA) took the first step to repeal a countywide ban on polystyrene. The repeal requires a second vote, scheduled for March 3, for ratification.... (Continue reading)

Cambria settles lawsuit against developer for $1.75 million

By KAREN VELIE After years of issues with their water treatment plant, the Cambria Community Services District settled for $1.75 million with the engineering firm CDM Smith which designed and build the facility and the evaporation pond that was later... (Continue reading)

Pismo Beach Councilwoman Guthrie faces censure over building project

By KAREN VELIE Pismo Beach Councilwoman Marcia Guthrie is facing censure at Tuesday’s city council meeting after she reportedly violated the Brown Act and ethics rules. Guthrie shared information from a closed session of the city council with applicants for... (Continue reading)

Two San Luis Obispo police officers on paid administrative leave

By KAREN VELIE The San Luis Obispo Police Department has placed two officers on paid administrative leave over the past three months. Law enforcement officers are routinely put on leave during investigations into potential wrongdoing. Officer Blake Etherton has been... (Continue reading)

California fast tracking cannabis business licenses for refugees

By KAREN VELIE As part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to support diversity, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control is expediting marijuana business licenses for refugees and asylum seekers, while some citizens spend years navigating the bureaucratic system. Signed by... (Continue reading)

It’s put up, or shut up time for San Simeon CSD

By KAREN VELIE The San Simeon Community Service District is saying that whistleblowers are responsible for losses suffered when grants totaling $250,000 were rescinded because the district was not eligible. San Luis Obispo County Deputy District Attorney Kenneth Jorgensen says... (Continue reading)

Morro Bay teacher resigns amid allegations of misconduct

By KAREN VELIE Amid allegations of misconduct, Morro Bay High School chemistry teacher and girl’s swim coach Tyler Andree suddenly resigned, just two days before the start of the second semester. A 2014 San Luis Obispo High School graduate, Andree... (Continue reading)