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California student arrested for supporting terrorists

A Central California college student and member of the U.S. Army National Guard was arrested Sunday for attempting to provide support to a foreign terrorist organization. [CNN] Nicholas Teausant had also planned to attack the Los Angeles subway system in... (Continue reading)

SLO finance boss departing

Charles Bourbeau, director of finance and information technology for the city of San Luis Obispo, has resigned his post. Bourbeau told CalCoastNews Friday he will be leaving Dec. 7 due to health problems. “There are some big [fiscal] issues coming... (Continue reading)

Governor Brown approves whistleblower protection, military reform

By LISA RIZZO The California Military Whistleblower Protection Act, prompted by an investigation at Camp San Luis Obispo into bonus and incentive fraud among the ranks of the California National Guard, was signed into law Friday. The military reform package,... (Continue reading)

Early vacation for double-dipping general

A former adjutant general in the California National Guard has been “transferred to the retired list, effective immediately,” for financial improprieties. [SacramentoBee] General William H. Wade II, the Guard’s boss from 2005 until being relieved of that duty early last... (Continue reading)

Camp San Luis Obispo whistle-blower spurs military reform

In response to bonus and incentive fraud plaguing the California National Guard and revealed by a federal auditor working at Camp San Luis Obispo, reform may soon be enacted if three “urgency” bills moving through the state legislature become law. The... (Continue reading)

Camp San Luis Obispo office OK’d $15.2 million in fraudulent claims

A former California National Guard manager admits she submitted $15.2 million in false and fraudulent claims to the United States Department of Defense (USDOD)—all of which was approved at an office at Camp San Luis Obispo, then wrongfully paid out... (Continue reading)

Safety violations at Diablo Canyon nuclear plant

On April 26, Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff did a safety inspection at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, as part of NRC inspections of all U.S. reactors that were triggered by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster in Japan. [NewYorkTimes]... (Continue reading)

The shame of Camp Roberts

The California Army National Guard has come to depend upon Camp Roberts, on the northern tip of San Luis Obispo County, as its primary training facility, but a new investigation reveals a facility in great disrepair amid waste on a... (Continue reading)