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Homeless booted from Sunny Acres—including daughter of Maxine Lewis

More than a dozen homeless people left the Sunny Acres sober living facility in San Luis Obispo last Sunday—including the adult daughter of local homeless advocate Maxine Lewis. The Sunny Acres residents were asked to leave by rancher Dan DeVaul... (Continue reading)

Forgive Dan De Vaul

OPINION By WILLIAM SEARCY By the standards of the world’s housing, what Dan De Vaul is offering his sober living and previously homeless clients is quite remarkable in its amenities– wood framed, sturdy, ventilated, lockable, electrified,  finished and basically furnished... (Continue reading)

Homeless ordered to vacate Sunny Acres

A San Luis Obispo Superior Court judge denied Dan de Vaul’s request to reconsider his previous ruling that the homeless have to vacate Sunny Acres because the buildings and facilities on the site are too dangerous for tenants. [KSBY] For... (Continue reading)

Sunny Acres: The documentary

Dan DeVaul has been getting all sorts of media attention lately. Now he’s apparently going Hollywood. A pair of documentary filmmakers have been shadowing DeVaul and will soon release a documentary about the whole controversy. Here’s the trailer: Video from... (Continue reading)

Possible deal between county and De Vaul?

Steps were taken behind closed doors on Thursday in an attempt to resolve the long-simmering standoff between controversial rancher Dan De Vaul and San Luis Obispo County. De Vaul and his advisers met for several hours with county officials. Sunny... (Continue reading)

N.Y. Times profiles Dan De Vaul

Controversial San Luis Obispo rancher Dan De Vaul is in the national media spotlight today, thanks to a feature article in Monday’s New York Times. Reporter Jesse McKinley and photographer Josh Haner visited the Sunny Acres compound on Los Osos... (Continue reading)

De Vaul vs. Gibson on KGO radio

Controversial San Luis Obispo rancher Dan De Vaul and Bruce Gibson, chair of the SLO County Board of Supervisors, made separate call-in appearances Monday night on the Gene Burns radio show. Burns, who hosts a weeknight talk show on KGO... (Continue reading)

Sunny Acres’s Dan De Vaul on Best of Good Morning SLO

Sunny Acres owner Dan De Vaul Speaks before the San Luis Obispo Chamber, Good Morning SLO (4:29).  “On Oct. 22, 2009 at Good Morning SLO, he gave us his side of the story and told us what he was trying... (Continue reading)

Local businessman makes De Vaul challenge

Local businessman Kyle Wiens made a public pledge Wednesday night to donate $4,000 to Dan De Vaul and Sunny Acres, challenging 99 other local businesses to match his gift. Wiens is founder and CEO of iFixit, a local company specializing... (Continue reading)

Bay area talk show host blasts SLO County

Dan De Vaul was the #1 topic of conversation Tuesday night on the ever-popular Gene Burns talk show on KGO radio in San Francisco. Burns spent the entire 7 o’clock hour slamming San Luis Obispo county officials for throwing De... (Continue reading)