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Ventura man stabs and kills toddler

A 27-year-old Ventura man allegedly stabbed and killed his 1-year-old son before he stabbed himself on Friday. At 1:45 a.m., Adrian Navarrete-Gonzalez called 911 to report that his son was dead. Officers arrived to find the child dead with stab... (Continue reading)

Ventura man imprisoned 34 years freed after DNA tested

A Ventura man who was imprisoned for 34 years for murder was released Monday after DNA evidence was found not to belong to either him or his alleged accomplice. While in prison, the convicted inmate married a Paso Robles woman.... (Continue reading)

SLO man killed on Highway 101 after surviving rollover

A 22-year-old San Luis Obispo man survived a rollover crash in Ventura Monday morning but then died minutes later after a vehicle struck him on the freeway. [KEYT] Adam Begazo was returning to San Luis Obispo in his Toyota 4Runner... (Continue reading)

SLO man claims consensual bondage, not torture

A Ventura woman testified Thursday against a San Luis Obispo man she accuses of torturing and attempting to kill her. His attorney says the couple was into bondage. Earlier this month, 33-year-old Timothy Hayes allegedly bound the woman, 27, with... (Continue reading)

Enterovirus reaches Ventura County

A virus that is rapidly spreading across the U.S. has reached Ventura County, according to the California Department of Health. [KEYT] Enterovirus is a severe respiratory virus that has sent dozens to the hospital. The illness commonly producing symptoms such... (Continue reading)

Ventura man pleads guilty to $8 million fraud

A Ventura man pleaded guilty Sept. 2 to federal fraud charges for his involvement in an $8 million investment scheme that lured investors with false promises relating to the development of an alternative energy technology, according to federal prosecutors. William... (Continue reading)

Ventura neurosurgeon accused of performing unneeded surgeries

The Medical Board of California accused a former Ventura neurosurgeon of performing unnecessary procedures and committing gross negligence and has ordered the doctor to surrender his medical license. [Ventura Star] The board is requesting Dr. Aria Omar Sabit surrender his... (Continue reading)

FBI agents thwart Ventura bank robbery

A Los Angeles man is in jail after his attempt to rob a Ventura bank on Monday was foiled by two FBI agents who just happened to be in the building. At about 3 p.m., Manuel Hernandez, 28, slipped a... (Continue reading)

Central Coast man sues casino over losses

A Ventura businessman filed suit against a Las Vegas casino after he lost $500,000 playing drunk on Super Bowl weekend. Mark Johnston, 52, filed suit against the Downtown Grand for giving him a line of credit and serving him drinks... (Continue reading)

300 gallon oil spill in Ventura Harbor

Two boats collided in the Ventura Harbor causing a 300 gallon oil spill on Monday. A squid fishing boat hit another vessel shortly after 1 p.m.No injuries were reported. The fuel leak has been stopped and the U.S. Coast Guard... (Continue reading)