Daily Briefs

Police officers earn $150,000 on leave

For more then six months, San Luis Obispo Police officers Dan McDow and Armando Limon have been on paid administrative leave while U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) continues to investigate suspicions the pair attempted to smuggle prescription drugs into... (Continue reading)

California lawmakers highest paid in U.S.

California state lawmakers remain the highest paid in the nation, by far, despite an 18 percent pay cut last year. [Los Angeles Times] The current $95,291 salary paid in Sacramento is far higher than the $79,650 paid to their counterparts... (Continue reading)

70 percent of Californians want illegal immigrants to stay

A new poll shows that 70 percent of Californians believe illegal immigrants working in the United States for at least two years should be allowed to keep their jobs and eventually apply for legal status. [Orange County Register] The survey... (Continue reading)

Pot growers fear legal marijuana

If California voters legalize marijuana in next November’s election, growers fear it will drive down the price of their crops and hurt the local economy, especially in hard-pressed Humboldt County. [CBS News] The locals are so worried up north that... (Continue reading)

DMV keeps 40 percent of organ donation fees

California residents have become used to seeing the question asked on state driver’s license applications at the DMV: Are you willing to give $2 for the promotion of organ donations? Are you willing to proudly display that pink “I am... (Continue reading)

State unemployment rate holds at 12.5 percent

California’s unemployment rate continues to hold at 12.5 percent, according to February statistics released by the U.S. Department of Labor. [Los Angeles Times] By contrast, the state’s unemployment rate was 10.2 percent one year ago. The new figures for California... (Continue reading)

Sex offender rapes woman at the dunes

A 28-year-old Fresno woman was allegedly raped by two transients behind Pier Liquor in Oceano on Saturday afternoon. While the woman waited for her family, a woman approached her and allegedly led her behind the store to the Oceano Dunes... (Continue reading)

A bank by any other name

American Principle Bank in San Luis Obispo is planning to change its name to American Perspective Bank in order to avoid litigation by global giant Principal Financial Group. Currently, American Principle Bank officials are waiting for shareholders, expected to meet... (Continue reading)

50 percent of Californians now support gay marriage

A new public opinion poll finds that, for the first time, more Californians now support gay marriage than are opposed to it. [Los Angeles Times] According to a poll by the Public Policy Institute of California, 50 percent of respondents... (Continue reading)

UC system to consider three-year degree; other changes

The University of California is considering dramatic changes, including offering three-year bachelor’s degrees and enrolling more out-of-state undergraduates. [Los Angeles Times] On Tuesday, the UC’s Commission on the Future heard a set of ten proposals aimed at making the 10-campus... (Continue reading)