Here comes $5 per gallon gas

As gasoline prices continue to increase, some experts are predicting the price could shoot up to $5 per gallon before the worst is over. [LA Daily News] The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular rose Monday for the... (Continue reading)

Oceano board members quit

Two members of the Oceano Community Services District board have resigned, citing disagreements with district manager Raffaele Montemurro over his accounting practices and failure to follow the board’s direction. Board members Jim Hill and Carole Henson tendered their resignations on... (Continue reading)

A racist Stormfront hits Arroyo Grande

The Arroyo Grande woman whose house was the scene of a cross burning earlier this month, has retained an attorney and wants to know why police officers investigating the crime asked her about her sexual history from the last ten... (Continue reading)

The shame of Camp Roberts

The California Army National Guard has come to depend upon Camp Roberts, on the northern tip of San Luis Obispo County, as its primary training facility, but a new investigation reveals a facility in great disrepair amid waste on a... (Continue reading)

Los Osos sewer dispute not over?

A divisive, 30-year dispute over a new sewer for Los Osos and the financial cost to residents may soon be a San Luis Obispo County issue if federal funding falls through leaving county residents partially on the hook for funding... (Continue reading)

Four more radio stations drop Glenn Beck

The controversy over right wing radio talk show host Glenn Beck continues with the news that Buckley Radio is dropping the hot-button program from four of its stations in Connecticut. [Media Matters] Buckley officials announced Beck would be removed from... (Continue reading)

Blakeslee and Rachel Maddow discuss Diablo

State Sen. Sam Blakeslee spoke out about his safety concerns at the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Thursday. In response to inquiries about the safety of the Diablo Canyon power plant, Blakeslee, a geophysicist with a... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo County adds 2,000 jobs in February

San Luis Obispo County added 2,000 new jobs in February which dropped the unemployment rate from 10.3 percent in January to 9.8 percent in February, according to a report released Friday by the California Employment Development Department. The numbers of... (Continue reading)

Costa Mesa pink slips entire fire department

As part of a plan to solve a looming pension crisis and budget gap by outsourcing services, Costa Mesa officials handed pink slips to their entire fire department. [NewYorkTimes] Almost half of the city’s workers were told late last week... (Continue reading)

Environmental coalition rejects Gibson for Coastal Commission

A coalition of 10 statewide environmental and coastal advocacy groups researched and interviewed five of the seven nominees for the Coastal Commission and put their support behind a Ventura and a Santa Barbara County public official while recommending that Gov.... (Continue reading)