San Luis Obispo’s grossly unfair water rates

OPINION by RICHARD SCHMIDT Grossly unfair is a good description of San Luis Obispo’s water rates, which charge those practicing water conservation nearly twice the rate of water wasters. On June 6, the city council plans to raise water rates,... (Continue reading)

Economic reality of Ironman Morro Bay

OPINION by MARK TOGNAZZINI Open letter to Morro Bay Mayor Wixom and City Council members, The sting of the financial impacts of this past weekend have eased however, my fiduciary duty to Dockside and my personal responsibility to my 60... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly President apologizes to Smart family, admits mistakes

Statement from Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong First, it must be said that I can’t imagine the pain and hurt Kristin’s family has felt and still feels. We are very sorry for what the Smart family has endured. What they... (Continue reading)

What have we on the Central Coast wrought?

OPINION by MANDY DAVIS There are times in our lives that the universe stares us straight in the face and delivers a powerful message, one that if recognized, has the power to elicit a personal existential crisis: a crisis so demanding that everything... (Continue reading)

The difficult decision to increase SLO parking rates

Opinion by SLO City Councilwoman Andy Pease You’re probably going to be mad about this. Or maybe, like me, you’ll go through stages of disbelief, frustration then acceptance: Parking rates in San Luis Obispo are going up. It was one... (Continue reading)

Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, protect our coast

Opinion by Mandy Davis We’ve all heard that expression, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!” There is nowhere this might better be applied than to the issue of the designation of a marine sanctuary off our Central... (Continue reading)

Reparations insult California’s native Americans

OPINION by JAMES R. HENRY California has not yet acknowledged tribes that have applied for state and federal recognition. So reparations? Hahaha, I doubt it. Hearst Castle, Camp Roberts and Fort Hunter Liggett all sit on Salinan Tribe land. One... (Continue reading)

Protect accountability, keep the Board of Equalization

Opinion by Tom Bordonaro, San Luis Obispo County Assessor Accountability is an ideal that is severely missing in our country today. People need to be accountable for their actions especially when it’s about the responsibility of government to serve the... (Continue reading)

Hype springs eternal in San Luis Obispo

OPINION by RICHARD SCHMIDT The news e-blast from San Luis Obispo city‘s department of propaganda announced the “long-awaited” 396-space downtown parking garage at Nipomo and Palm streets is about to start taking shape. “Starting this week, the City . .... (Continue reading)

Stop the San Luis Obispo bike lane insanity

T. Keith Gurnee

By T. KEITH GURNEE After approving the Anholm Greenway with its “protected” bike lanes at a staggering cost of $6.3 million—nearly six times the original estimate—one would think the city might pause to reflect on how much money it’s been... (Continue reading)