Is San Luis Obispo County willing to kill us?

OPINION by JERRY BUNIN No matter how hard I try, I can’t stop being extremely angry that local government is trying to assign some economic value to my life. My life is priceless. So is yours. Government shouldn’t be willing... (Continue reading)

Get a handle on the virus before opening the county

OPINION by RICKI LANSING My elderly parents live in San Luis Obispo County where they are considering opening the county now. I have some concerns about SLO County reopening. I understand through the news media that SLO County is considering... (Continue reading)

SLO’s compassion is all hat, but no cattle.

OPINION by STEW JENKINS Once upon a time, the City of San Luis Obispo did things so smart and forward-looking that the whole country copied its good ideas. Planned growth, smoke-free restaurants and campaign finance limits, for instance. But lately,... (Continue reading)

FBI raid should be headline news

OPINION by JAMES DUENOW With all the uproar in the national news over the virus some important local developments have taken a back seat. For example it should be headline stuff when the FBI gets multiple warrants from a judge... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles woman details her coronavirus experience

OPINION by HEATHER MIKELONIS On March 7, my husband Kevin and I were exposed to the coronavirus from a couple we spent some time with, one of whom had a scratchy throat and the other had chills and fatigue the... (Continue reading)

Playing the pandemic blues

OPINION by JOHN SUMMER As someone who has spent a great deal of time in the world of journalism, I thought I’d offer my perspective on how the national media shapes what we are perceiving with this pandemic and how... (Continue reading)

District Attorney Dow objects to inmate release on zero bail

Opinion by SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow Although we face serious challenges not seen in more than one hundred years, we must earnestly reject the urge to surrender important rights under our Federal and State Constitutions. This Monday, our... (Continue reading)

Tribune is shameless Adam Hill cheerleader

OPINION by DANIEL BLACKBURN Reading the Tribune’s editorial today, my gag reflex kicked in at the very first paragraph. Let me say right off: That daily newspaper’s purposely and grievously negligent reporting on the latest, most serious, of San Luis... (Continue reading)

Coronavirus versus the Goddess of Justice

OPINION by STEW JENKINS How is the battle between the coronavirus and California’s courts going? So far, the virus is winning; but there is hope for a counterattack by the Goddess of Justice in June or July. If we are... (Continue reading)

Central Coast doctors offer advice and seek help on COVID-19

Opinion by Nels Gerhardt M.D. and Brett Wilson II M.D. Dear Friends and Neighbors, We are Emergency Physicians at Cottage Health. We live and work in this community, so we are also your neighbors, friends, and the local doctors who... (Continue reading)