It is time to adopt the Government Transparency Act

OPINION by STEW JENKINS The Government Transparency Act will end huge loopholes that let districts, cities, counties, and state agencies delete or secrete government records concerning how they are conducting the public’s business. If adopted by the voters on Nov.... (Continue reading)

The sinking of California’s insurance industry

OPINION by STACY KORSGADEN What does the captain of the Titanic and California’s Insurance Commissioner have in common? When California’s insurance industry steamed toward a looming “iceberg,” Ricardo Lara, California’s “Captain of insurance” was asleep. In May we struck the... (Continue reading)

Court paves the way for SLO City Council to create single seat districts

OPINION by STEWART JENKINS On Aug. 24, California Supreme Court Associate Justice Kelli Evans issued the unanimous decision of the Court in Pico Neighborhood Association vs. City of Santa Monica which is a landmark ruling that may spell the end... (Continue reading)

Bruce Gibson says one thing in SLO, another in Sacramento

OPINION by BRUCE JONES We have a San Luis Obispo County supervisor who votes one way in SLO County and presents himself the opposite way in Sacramento. On Feb. 7, the SLO County Board of Supervisors approved their state legislative/regulatory... (Continue reading)

SLO High School students need to come first

OPINION by LISA WASHMUTH Open letter to San Luis Coastal Unified School District Board: With the recent enlightenment about the San Luis Obispo High School’s athletic director’s behavior, came information about the former principal and the superintendent being more concerned... (Continue reading)

Collapse of Goleta-based cannabis business shows need for reform

OPINION by HIRSH JAIN The recent collapse of HERBL is a warning signal to state policymakers about how urgently reform is needed to prevent a collapse in the California cannabis market. HERBL is a leading California cannabis distributor based in... (Continue reading)

King Harris, in his own words

OPINION By DAVE CONGALTON Many of us first came across King Harris while he was the anchor and news director at KEYT-TV in Santa Barbara. He became more of a local San Luis Obispo presence in 1998 after joining KVEC... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo needs to do better on safe parking for homeless

OPINION by LYNN HAMILTON An open letter to the San Luis Obispo City Council: I am writing with deep concern about the insensitive, inept and insufficient means of informing residents of the Palm Street neighborhood of the city’s plans to... (Continue reading)

Division, disenfranchisement, potential dissolution in San Simeon

OPINION by HANK KRZCIUK Last year, the San Simeon Community Services District, under strong recommendations of District Counsel Jeffery Minnery, who said, or implied, the district was under the imminent threat of litigation, was divided into five voting areas to... (Continue reading)

Time for a new perspective on the Oceano Dunes

OPINION by ADAM VERDIN For years, the public discussion regarding the Oceano Dunes and vehicle access has been binary: four wheelers versus environmentalists. But it’s not as simple as one would think. Not every person who accesses and recreates on... (Continue reading)