Peschong plagues his constituents with next-door cannabis

Opinion by SLO Cannabis Watch Group Following our last opinion, we expected San Luis Obispo County Supervisor John Peschong to disavow himself of his assertion that he ‘owned’ SLO County’s Title22/23 cannabis ordinance. Instead, Mr. Peschong further entrenched himself and... (Continue reading)

Cannabis grows destroy Los Osos Valley Road viewshed

OPINION by JULIE TACKER Over 10,000 commuters travel Los Osos Valley Road every day. As one who travels that road on a daily basis, to and from my home in Los Osos, I appreciate the beauty of the valley’s patchwork... (Continue reading)

Coverup SLO’s ungainly buildings with living walls

OPINION by DAVID BRODIE and ALLAN COOPER From the point of view of its outward appearance, San Luis Obispo is quickly becoming less welcoming. Many of the new, over-tall buildings just completed or under construction are contributing to this unwelcome... (Continue reading)

Supervisor Peschong has turned his back on constituents

Opinion by SLO Cannabis Watch Group “I fully admit I worked on this ordinance and this is what has come of it, and I am responsible for it. I own this ordinance….” These are the fateful and telling words spoken... (Continue reading)

More regulatory gas from SLO City Council

OPINION by MIKE BROWN The City of San Luis Obispo staff and City Council are about to launch yet another regulatory overreach. This time an ordinance is proposed requiring that all new homes be built to accommodate all electric heating... (Continue reading)

SLO families shouldn’t have to worry about powering their homes

OPINION By SLO COUNTY SUPERVISOR DEBBIE ARNOLD It is my honor and privilege to represent San Luis Obispo County’s 5th District at the Board of Supervisors. One of the things I’m most proud of is working with a broad range... (Continue reading)

Crime pays in San Luis Obispo

T. Keith Gurnee

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE The Tribune’s recent editorial regarding SLO city’s building inspector Christopher Olcott’s incarceration in a “pay-to-stay” jail utterly missed the mark. It is the City of San Luis Obispo that is actually paying him to stay... (Continue reading)

SLO City’s latest illogical planning proposal

OPINION by RICHARD SCHMIDT Every so often, it’s fun to pop over to slocity.org, our fair city’s official spokes-site, to check out “What’s New In SLO,” our San Luis Obispo’s official news headline service. This week, “Roundabouts are the City’s... (Continue reading)

Civility, transparency, or hypocrisy?

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE San Luis Obispo’s city government has to feel that it’s under siege these days. Recent revelations by CCN about the city’s police chief losing her firearm, her day-long scramble to find it, breaking into a... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo remains silent on new electric providers

OPINION by RICHARD SCHMIDT With the calendar running downhill to year’s end, the city of San Luis Obispo still hasn’t told us much about our New Year’s change of electricity providers, which they claim is a “choice” we made, despite... (Continue reading)