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IWMA votes for San Luis Obispo County-wide Styrofoam ban

BY CCT STAFF The San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA) voted Wednesday to approve a countywide ban on Styrofoam. The ban is slated to go into effect in six months. Currently, five of the seven cities in... (Continue reading)

Suit challenges cannabis bureau over marijuana billboards

By KAREN VELIE A San Luis Obispo man with two teenagers is suing the California Bureau of Cannabis Control over marijuana business billboards that he says were banned under Proposition 64, the voter initiative that legalized and regulates cannabis. [Cal... (Continue reading)

SLO doctor accused of gross negligence

By KAREN VELIE State prosecutors filed an accusation against a San Luis Obispo internist for having unlicensed employees perform medical procedures, ordering narcotics in her own name to give patients, and for neglecting patients. [Cal Coast Times] For several years,... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo developer denied pay-to-stay jail stay

By KAREN VELIE It has been almost four years since Ryan Petetit, now known as Ryan Wright, violently assaulted his former girlfriend, years of Wright living the high-life while his victim lived in fear. On Thursday, deputies booked Wright into... (Continue reading)

Nonprofit in escrow on Pismo Beach property, dropping church bid

By CCT STAFF Peoples’ Self-Help Housing is in escrow to purchase a property on North 4th Street in Pismo Beach where they plan to temporary house homeless young adults and to provide low-cost housing. The nonprofit has backed out of... (Continue reading)

FBI agents raid three homes in SLO County, arrest two men

By KAREN VELIE FBI agents raided three homes on Tuesday morning of people accused of selling methamphetamine, heroin or illegal firearms. Agents arrested two suspected drug dealers. [Cal Coast Times] During a three month investigation, FBI agents taped and surveilled... (Continue reading)

Neighbors rally against protected bike paths in Grover Beach

By KAREN VELIE Grover Beach City Council members traded barbs with residents of a Grover Beach neighborhood on Monday over the city’s ongoing to construction of a protected bike path in their neighborhood. Several weeks ago, construction workers began reconfiguring... (Continue reading)

Officer Josh Walsh shoots dog at SLO apartment

By KAREN VELIE A San Luis Obispo woman was surprised, but not worried, to see several officers approaching her Santa Rosa Street apartment; she had broken no laws. Within minutes, an officer following up on a tip of a possible... (Continue reading)

Is Morro Bay marijuana shop violating state law?

Clarification: Representatives of Perfect Union said they were relying on the California Bureau of Cannabis Control’s determination that advertising marijuana on billboards located on interstate highways at least 15 miles from state borders is permitted. California Business and Professions Code... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach church wins another round

By KAREN VELIE A San Luis Obispo County judge on Monday rebuked a motion to restrain parishioners from attending services at the Bethel Baptist Church on Newport Avenue while two groups battle over ownership of the property. [Cal Coast News]... (Continue reading)