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Santa Maria police searching for man who escaped custody

Santa Maria police officers are searching for a man who escaped custody. On Sunday, officers arrested Juan Coria Olayo, 24, on drug- and theft-related charges. After officers transported Olayo to the police department, the unattended suspect wiggled out of his... (Continue reading)

Alleged assailant hides in Oceano lagoon

An Oceano man allegedly stabbed another man and then fled into the lagoon near Airpark Drive in an attempt to flee San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies on Friday shortly after 8 p.m. Chance MacAire, 23, and the victim, a... (Continue reading)

$4 million in marijuana found on Central Coast beach

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Narcotics Detectives, responding to a report of a Panga boat Thursday morning, found 2,000 pounds of marijuana under a cliff next to the boat. Employees at the Cojo Ranch, near the Point Conception Lighthouse discovered the... (Continue reading)

Couple arrested for allegedly assaulting children with sticks

Lompoc police arrested a man and his girlfriend for allegedly assaulting three children with a wooden stick last month. [KCOY] Ramon Garcia Jr., 28, and Veronica Sanchez, 30, were allegedly hitting two boys and one girl with a stick near... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach man accused of assaulting his neighbor

A dispute Sunday afternoon between three Grover Beach neighbors leaves one man in critical condition and another behind bars, police said. Shortly before 2 p.m., the 69-year-old victim, his 32-year-old son and their neighbor Jerry Odom began arguing. Odom is... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande man arrested for felony DUI

San Luis Obispo Police arrested an Arroyo Grande man, who drove his car into a tree early Saturday morning injuring himself and his passenger, for felony DUI. Ethan Michael Dodgen, 25, drove his 2011 Volkswagen into a tree at the... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo man injured in fight

A late night fight in San Luis Obispo has landed one man in the hospital and another in jail. At about 1:30 a.m. on Monday, Cody Bovee, 28, of San Luis Obispo and Gregory Gonoch, 27, from Arizona got into... (Continue reading)

10 suspects now in custody for Santa Maria murder

Santa Maria police arrested a 10th suspect Tuesday in the murder of Anthony Ibarra, whom officers found dead in the back of a U-Haul truck last month. [KCOY] Officers arrested 29-year-old Jason Castillo for murder with a gang enhancement shortly... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo laundry thief arrested

San Luis Obispo police arrested a woman they say stole laundry from at least 11 other people at the Madonna Road Apartments. [KCOY] After the shirts, socks, pants and underclothing were cleaned and dried, Autumn Ferguson, 40, allegedly absconded with... (Continue reading)

Man who brought arms cache to SLO bank researched drugging people

A police search of the computer owned by a San Luis Obispo man found sitting in a bank parking lot in March with loaded guns, handcuffs and a machete revealed that he had researched methods of subduing and possibly killing... (Continue reading)