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Obama eases immigrants’ residency rule

Illegal immigrants with immediate relatives who are U.S. citizens can be fast-tracked to permanent residency under a rule issued Wednesday by the Obama Administration. (Los Angeles Times) The executive action by the Department of Homeland Security will affect about 10... (Continue reading)

Illegal youths may get driver’s licenses

California and Arizona are the first two states to decide if youthful illegal immigrants should be able to acquire driver’s licenses when the Obama administration grants their work permits. Arizona said no, California, yes. (San Jose Mercury News) The California... (Continue reading)

Deportation halt may swamp state jobs

The Obama administration’s announcement Friday easing deportation of children and young adult immigrants will soon flood the already-stressed job market in California with new employment seekers. (Contra Costa Times)) As many as 350,000 of those affected by the directive are... (Continue reading)

Worker permits for illegals aim of bill

Two California lawmakers, a Republican and Democrat, have introduced a measure to grant work permits to undocumented immigrants who have been living in the state for years. (Sacramento Bee) “We’re tired of waiting for a federal solution,” said the pair,... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles couple sentenced to federal prison for smuggling illegal aliens

A husband and wife from Paso Robles who admitted harboring illegal aliens after they were smuggled into the United States and forced to work in sub-standard conditions at the couple’s elder care facilities were each sentenced today to 18 months... (Continue reading)

In-state tuition for illegals? Most say OK

Americans’ views on illegal immigration and educational benefits for undocumented immigrants are nearly evenly divided, yet reflect a wide schism between members of political parties, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. Most Americans continue to endorse tough enforcement... (Continue reading)

Legal theft of vehicles will cease

A new law taking effect Jan. 1 will prohibit law enforcement from confiscating and towing vehicles of unlicensed drivers stopped at DUI checkpoints. [AssociatedPress] The controversial practice has resulted in the taking  of thousands of vehicles and placing them in... (Continue reading)

Dream Act opponents readying battle

Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature on the California Dream Act barely had time to dry before opponents of the new law started gathering voter’s autographs to overturn it. Earlier this month Brown inked a long-embattled law allowing illegal immigrants to get... (Continue reading)

Illegal immigration targeted by trio

Three conservative Republican activists are backing a two-pronged initiative proposal intended to stem illegal immigration in California. The proposal for Nov. 2012 would impose limits on financial assistance and Medi-Cal participation, and require the state’s law enforcement agencies to work... (Continue reading)

Grants to illegal immigrant students could cost California $14.5 million

The California Dream Act, which Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Saturday, could cost the state $14.5 million a year in state grants to illegal immigrants. [LATimes] The California Department of Finance estimates 2,500 additional universities and community colleges students... (Continue reading)