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Half of state’s voters cast mail ballots

More than half of California’s 13.2 million participating voters submitted mail ballots in the recent general election, according to Secretary of State Debra Bowen. (Sacramento Bee) She reported that 51 percent voted through the mails, the most ever in a... (Continue reading)

DMV bureaucracy restricting voters

Many Californians believed they had registered to vote at the Department of Motor Vehicles only to find themselves ineligible to cast a ballot on or before Election Day. [California Watch] Since its adoption in 1995, the federal “motor voter” law,... (Continue reading)

GOP fading rapidly in state

Eventual fate of the national Republican Party may be mirrored by what has been happening in California. (San Francisco Chronicle) The state’s GOP is shrinking like cheap cotton in hot water, as Democrats have put a lock on almost every... (Continue reading)

Incumbents win sizably in SLO

According to incomplete results, the incumbents will remain on the San Luis Obispo City Council. Mayor Jan Marx won reelection in a landslide victory and councilmen Dan Carpenter and John Ashbaugh each finished well ahead of their challengers. Marx received... (Continue reading)

Write in Gary Nemeth for Mayor of Paso Robles

OPINION By GARY NEMETH Write in Gary Nemeth for Mayor of Paso Robles. Since the forum by CPRN2012 we have received many calls from citizens stating they have not read or heard anything about me being a write in candidate.... (Continue reading)

What are the people of Paso Robles going to do?

OPINION By GARY NEMETH The citizens of Paso Robles are the employers, the council are our employees, and it is all right to like them as individuals, but when they continue to prove they are not up to the job... (Continue reading)

Democratic Party withholds SLO mayor endorsement

The San Luis Obispo Democratic Party voted not to endorse Mayor Jan Marx in her bid for another term on the city council. The local Democratic Party’s election committee has endorsed Marx in past elections. However, issues over a contentious... (Continue reading)

Extended filing periods attract new candidates

In South San Luis Obispo County, extended campaign filing periods have ended leaving several seats to the incumbents while a handful of contenders have mounted challenges. In Arroyo Grande, no one stepped forward to unseat council members Jim Guthrie, Caren... (Continue reading)

Paso nomination period starts Monday

Candidates for Paso Robles mayor, two open seats on the city council, and the offices of treasurer and city clerk can obtain nomination papers beginning Monday for the November 6 election, marking the beginning of what many are predicting will... (Continue reading)

Voters to ponder three-strikes law

Should California’s sometimes-controversial “Three-Strikes Law” be modified? Voters in November will have a say in the law’s future following qualification of a initiative that would ostensibly reduce the number of convictions. If endorsed by voters, the initiative would change the... (Continue reading)